Does Akismet filter for hyphens?

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Help! Hoping someone has some advice for me:

I am using blog commenting as one of my backlinking techniques, and for the website field in the signature I'm using some URLs that have hyphens in them...and some that dont.

I'm finding that my URLs without hyphens go through right away (meaning the comment gets posted for moderation)....but the ones WITH hyphens do NOT get posted for moderation (the page just refreshes and there was no indication that I left a comment).

I am taking the time to write thoughtful relevant comments, so I know this filtering has nothing to do with the content of my comments.

So the question is: Has anyone else noticed akismet filtering out comments that have URL's with hyphens in them? If so, does it matter how many hyphens there are?

Thanks for your help...this is driving me nuts! Sharon :confused:
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