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Looking for a tool to check backlinks. What I want is something that will show how many links they are building a day or over a period of time. I am not looking for is to see all their backlinks in bulk.

I saw a tool in a sales demo and they were trying to prove a point of how many other competitors were building over a period of time. I think they could actually show how many backlinks were being built on a daily basis.

Does anyone know what tool(s) can do this?

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    MajesticSEO will show you a daily found, but obviously this will not be all of the backlinks built.
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    That kind of tool which gives almost everything about your competitor is not a free tool for sure. If you are looking for free ones, you will not find one.

    But let me introduce to you this tool which I use for a couple months:

    Link Diagnosis - examine your link competition

    Acquire an unlimited access to over 2,000 eBooks with unlimited Downloads and resale rights for only $55! Join me now!

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    Try www(.)domain-pop(.)com/. This helps you to find out the backlinks with which keyword you are targeting those links.
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    We always used to check our web site page rank on multiple data center. Go through Link Vendor [dot] com for page rank checker tool.

    Thanks & Regards
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    ahrefs dot com is best tool for checking baklinks
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    google webmaster, google analytic and backlinkwatch also alexa great tools.
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  • Profile picture of the author lancejeffersons, they have a graph on the number of backlinks sites have for a day..
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    SEO Book, seo for Firefox also google analytic is fine.
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    You can use ahrefs. It is very great, I think.
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    I agree with wuitorshuly ahrefs is a great tool for that
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    Google Webmaster Tools will give you the best answer
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    There are several useful tool out there which facilitates you to track the Back Links of Particular Website! Google Web master Tool, Majestic SEO & Backlinkwatch are most of the useful tools to determine backlinks of particular website!!
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    I was looking in google for someting else, but I have found here. Thanks to all Member.
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    I also recommend SEOMOZ- Open Site Explorer. I believe there is a free 30 day trial period, but it's $99/ month after that.
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    hi, i don't know about what & which tool name you do like that... but i listed it here...
    Keyword Tools
    *Google Adword Keyword Tool
    *Word Tracker Tool
    *keyword Discover

    Back Link Tools
    *Backlinkwatch tool
    *Backlink analyzer tool

    Traffic Monitoring Tools
    *Google Analytic Tool

    Site configuration Tools
    *Google Webmaster tool
    *Bing Webmaster Central
    *Yahoo Site Explorer

    Sitemap Tools
    *Xml sitemap Generator
    *ROR Sitemap Generator

    Other Tools
    *SEO quake Tool
    *Index page Checker
    if you need like this types of tools here providing you good and quality seo tool.....
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    I use the firefox sqo quake tool to check my competitors and its free.....

    But I be little confused sometimes about the number of index pages seo quake shows me, an, seo quake shows me here over 77.100 indexed pages.

    But when I visit these website , I don't find there 77.100 sites, where on the hell are they?????
    I think in this point seo quake is not so accurat, for most website this tool counts numbers of numbers of indexed pages,but when you visit them......

    Can anyone xplain me that?

    best wishes
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  • can have 77,100 pages. The site is available in 11 different languages/countries, has a blog, a forum and more. Just check the sitemap.
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    affiiate survivor, oops, there I must check this again.

    Or another thing this site;, seo quake shows there 454 indexed pages, they not have an sitemap. I have visited this site and I have counted only 167 pages not 454

    They have 142 product pages +home page, testimonials,contact,about,Blog,info shipping,hookah bars,hookah 101

    under Hookah Buying Guides 5 pages

    under Hookah Tobacco Guide 6 pages

    under Hookah Smoking Tips 6 pages

    and the Blog has 48 pages (posts)

    summa sumarum 167 pages on + 48 pages on Blog= 215 pages not 454

    I be little confused this seo quake indexed page number shows, I think no seo tool free or paid is 100% accurat.

    best wishes
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    You can use analyzebacklinks and Both the tools are totally different from each other.
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    I think Google analytics and ahref is best for checking baklinks.
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      Originally Posted by muzz View Post

      I think Google analytics and ahref is best for checking baklinks.
      Thanks you make a best suggestion. Again Thanks
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    To check backlinks you can use and ahrefs site explorer.Both are good to check backlinks.
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    Google Webmaster Tool is good for Checking back links.

    Get Latest Digital Marketing Tips Here!

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