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Hey Guys,

So I'm lucky enough to have an in with a successful brink & mortar company that's allowed me to exclusively do all their online marketing/referrals at a good commission rate based on sales I bring in online. So put bluntly I'm doing their online marketing and my payment is commission only.

The problem I have is that I want to use Google Places using the company info (to get immediate exposure) but linking to my referral/funnel site for which I'll be marketing them through (as well as using my referral phone number - which goes directly to the company).

At this point they don't have a Google places account, so I don't know if by registering on Google places with their company info using my referral site will it restrict them from putting up their own site should they decide to down the line? Or will they be able to change it, this goes for the phone number as well, as the one listed will be specific to the one listed on my referral site.

I just want to do what's fair in the end.

Anyone try this for local businesses with Google Places where a referral site was being used? Any suggestions on good guides regarding Google Places Marketing?

Thanks in advance!
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