Is it wise to have all your blog posts seo optimized?

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Is it smart to have all your blog posts seo optimized with keywords or is that overload that google wont smile upon?
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    It depends on how you optimize.

    For simple SEO, I think it is smart to have most posts focused on 1 main keyword phrase (kwp). That should come naturally when the post is focused on 1 topic.

    By that I mean, try to write with the topic's main kwp in mind. It is very doable to write a full page on a topic without mentioning the kwp even once - which is bad for SEO and readers.

    I get articles like that from my offline clients all the time. They're 'pre-supposing' that the topic is obvious merely by the nature of their business.

    In that way, yes, optimize each post by including the main kwp.

    What's probably not so smart, is to follow the same step-by-step blueprint how to on-page optimize all the time.

    You know, the type of:
    - include kwp in h1
    - include kwp in title tag
    - include in first and last paragraph
    - use one time in bold font
    - use one time in italics
    - use ope time in link

    These patterns are indeed easy to detect, and in the future Google may downgrade pages or sites using these formulas in each and every post. You'll never run into problems using them some of the time, but as a repeating and detectable pattern, Google will stop smiling soon!

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    That's the essence of SEO copywriting: use keywords, but do not overload content with them.
    Google likes unique content, remember of it. SEO, keywords and other things are really useless without unique articles. Write unique texts and Google will smile to you)
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    It is good to SEO optimized but it is not good to overly optimize.

    I suggest that when you write that you can prioritize your readers first and format some of the writing for SEO purposes.
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    I've always optimized every post and article I write and haven't had any problems.

    Saying that though, there doesn't seem to be anything awfully consistent with what Google does so it might be fine for me, but not for your site.
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    Yes it is a wise move. But it all depends on how you define the so called "optimized posts". So before doing anything, make sure you understand what the search engines want. Because sometimes we are making our standards in optimizing a page without knowing that it might hurt our site.
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    I try to make it look as natural as possible, not necessary has to have the perfect on page formula but the content must be rich. Meaning, it must be unique, include multimedia, photos, videos, and many natural LSI keywords. Also, I tend to have good inner linking structure as well as links to authority sites.
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