So do link wheels still work?

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So with all the BMR craziness happening, I'm looking for safer and more reliable ways to build links.

For example, do link wheels still work where to link a bunch of web 2.0 sites together and then point one of them back to your money site??

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      Originally Posted by HaileyCarson View Post

      Simple Link wheels are dead now. But complex and semi connected link wheels still works.
      What do you mean by complex link wheels?
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    Yeah I run my own blog network also and none of my sites have still being deindexed, I use my own wordpress posting software to schedule articles to be posted within a time frame but at random and I am doing quite well with that still, even with spon content.

    I mix it up a litttle as my software can insert videos and images in to the spon articles and you can use alt tags in those images and so on, and the software randomly selects whether or not it will use an image, a video, both or none in the article keeping it totally random.

    The key to this latest google crackdown is to make things as randomized and footprint less as possible.
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    Like wheel is still work but use fresh and unique content in your web 2.0 sites
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    What is exactly Link wheel??
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    I have done link wheel and worked for around 4 months to build backlinks for link wheel websites. Finally no result. No improvement in SERP for my keyword.
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    If you know how to do them they work. I think you would be better off with a simple link pyramid though.
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    For me link wheel works perfectly, Recently I did reputation management, in which i used the link wheel technique, now the proper site displaying for my keyword.
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    link wheel is still work if you will update your web2.0. but dont interlink all your web 2.0, google is now able to detect link wheel.

    To God be the glory

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    ohk...thanx for helping...
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    The pj413 opposes the linkwheel method....
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    Link wheel is still alive and it is effective also. But you should be creative for that.
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    I like link wheel and web2.0backlinks (dot) c om for effective result of link wheel.
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