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I'm new to this but need to know and understand a little more about PPC....I'm curious how much PPC traffic I can get to my site...my worry is that my niche may be smaller than what I'm willing to buy to my site. let's say a keyword has 2500 local (USA) monthly how much will go to my site if I bid highest for them? What percentage of the 2500 actually hit the paid ad over a top position? I'm trying to get very targeted traffic to my site and can do it at the cost google wants providing I get a 2% or better conversion. If I can get that I'll take all the PPC I can buy. I don't want to persue it if I cant get large enough numbers to my site.I need to get 60+ conversions a month.
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    The percentage of people clicking on your ads depend on two things. One that should be obvious is how high up your ad ranks. Like the natural rankings, people tend to click on listings that are at the top of the page more than those at the bottom.

    Ads are ranked based not just your bid but also your ad's quality, quality being the relative click rate of your ad compared to competitor ads. The basic formula is quality times your bid. With a higher quality ad, you can outrank others even with a lower bid. If you have a poor ad that nobody clicks on, that will affect how much traffic you get.

    I can't give you a percentage or numbers because there's too many unknown variables at this point. You could bid high enough to be in the top position but your ad may still be of poor quality. Such an ad may get a 2-3% click rate even in the top position. But a much better ad may get 10% or more while paying half as much.

    The traffic you get will depend on your click rate which depends on your position and ad quality as well as search volumes. Conversions will depend mostly on your landing page. If you want 60 conversions per month, assuming a 2% conversion rate, you'll need 3000 clicks and assuming a 10% CTR, there better be 30k searches on your keywords.

    In my opinion, goals are fine but you have to be realistic and look at the numbers. I would still advertise despite the low search numbers. Those few sales you make are sales you wouldn't make if you didn't advertise. The idea is to make sales no matter how many people are looking for your product or service.
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