Why you are spinning articles for AMR blasts??

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I see backlinkers are spinning 1 article and then submitting using AMR to thousands of different article sites!

But as they are submitting articles into thousands different article directories so just 4 or 5 spun articles will not make sure they are submitting all unique articles. For an example if anyone spinn an article to produce 5 spun articles and submit the spun articles into 2000 directories so 5 sets of 400 duplicate articles will be posted into 2000 directories. So whats the benefit of submitting spun articles using AMR?

Any insight??

PS: I think if anyone wants to submit 2000 different articles then he/she needs to spin the article for 2000 different spun articles! Thats Almost impossible!
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    ^^ you don't understand what spintax is.
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    Actually, I tried submitting unspun articles via AMR and it worked ok a while back for low competition stuff, but I think October Panda put paid to that.

    It's true though that if you manage to get 2000 articles published via AMR (which I doubt) then it's unlikely most people would spin them enough to avoid posting near-duplicates.

    Anyway, if you are unsure what spinning is all about, don't bother learning, get some more useful SEO skills, spinning has an uncertain future in SEO and just fills the Internet with crap.

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    Unspun articles may work interms of accepting , but these days duplicate articles are difficult to get indexed. Getting your backlinks indexed is the game.
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    Originally Posted by rafiseo View Post

    Any insight??
    Yes - a little, since you ask.

    I can suggest six items to read, which offer insight into this subject ...

    (i) This post explains the benefits of spinning;

    (ii) This post, and its links, explain how article directories really work and why they exist;

    (iii) The first half (or so) of this thread contains a good discussion of what you can gain from spinning articles;

    (iv) The advice on this subject given by so many people throughout most of this thread has been really helpful to many people here;

    (v) On the meaning and significance of "duplicate content", in this context, this little post from expert article marketer Anne Pottinger includes direct quotations from Google's WebMaster Central Blog on the subject (not easy to find a more authoritative source than that!);

    (vi) This little article is also a very useful and accurate explanation of the subject.
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    Many thanks to all you guys. I would read those articles and ask you questions if I dont understand anything. Dont be annoyed. I am a knowledge hound.... lolz
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    well if you don't want to ruin your life take my honest recommendations! I can't understand why most of the marketers are frightened about duplicate contents while anyone have enough right to write one quality & relevant article and then distribute it in 100 blogging sites for generating quality traffic. Spun articles are such bull ****s and even you will not like to visit websites after reading crappy spun articles! Well if you use duplicate articles then the only problem you will face is indexing problem. Google will not like to index same articles scattered within 1000 directories. However you would see some duplicate articles will be indexed by google even within few minutes of the blast. Now if you run regular checking to the indexed articles you would see google is deindexing articles rapidly after indexing first time! And after some days you will see just few duplicate articles are available in direct URL search results. Well now I would request you to run an experiment. Remove all indexed articles which are survived after deindex cleansing. Let pass some time(probably days). You would see google is now showing some unindexed articles(probable some of the deindexed(in fact sunk) articles). It means google actually keep records of these articles but not showing to avoid showing searchers same results for a single quarry.

    I think now its clear that folks who are trying to spin articles they are actually either not aware of myth of duplicate contents or they are just trying to index every single node they have created.

    Well I would recommend you to spin an article if you want to index some of the thousand articles but certainly you would not be able to generate 1000 different readable versions from one article using any spinning software.

    Well eventually answer of your question is spinning may would help to index some articles so marketers are spinning articles to post via AMR but yes you are quite right no one will be able to generate 2000 different readable versions to submit 2000 different articles. You are free to submit same articles using AMR.

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      So what is the answer? Should you not spin your AMR articles? Is AMR just a waste of time?....Maybe just make one submission to ezinearticles...?

      From my experience, I've tried submitting spun content to amr, which works ok for a few days, but then the accounts I've created with AMR get cancelled or banned and I have to the account creation step all over, which takes forever...

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    In my opinion anyone who spins anything is just playing with fire and is bound to get hit by Google Panda, Penguin or another up-coming animal in the Google zoo. I know a case of a big company that relied on spun articles for their customers... they are in BIG trouble after Penguin, risking millions in law suits...

    My advice: DON'T spin anything, write your own unique content!
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    I have never spun articles with AMR. It works just fine for rankings even when most are put into the supplemental index. If you intend to use AMR by itself for all your SEO needs then you will fail miserably. I would estimate it takes up about 10% of my monthly activities. I spend far more time submitting unique articles to "real" article directories, squidoo, hubpages, etc. The reason I love AMR is that I am able to really vary the anchor texts being sent out each month - with far less effort than I spend on other link building acitivites.
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    I think they are for the purpose of getting traffic since they can be syndicated. Another thing, article directory marketing doesn't penalize your site but you still don't get any valie with it from google.

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    The fact is, Google does not index content that is exactly the same in the same way that they do completely original and unique content. Content that is considered “duplicate” is added to their supplemental index, instead of the normal listings. This is a bad thing for Internet marketers because (1) the duplicate articles do not get the same exposure as original articles do, so they do not generate the same amount of traffic, and (2) the links that are found on content found in the supplemental index do not get counted the same way they do in the normal index, rendering them ineffective for SEO purposes.

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