Traffic Travis? Market Samurai???

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Hi guys & gals,

I'm new to this stuff. I need help!

I'm looking at the 2 above as part of my SEO education. Samurai seems very complete but boy, do I find it confusing!!!

Are these good products to learn SEO? Or is there something even better?

All help would be appreciated.

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    Both are good but in slightly different ways. You can learn a bit about seo while using them but they are just tools that can help speed up research rather than how to learn about seo.

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      Thanks Neil. Are you saying time is better spent 'learning' SEO?

      (I have no objection to learning! Just looking for the best 'textbook', if you like.)

      Maybe for the price I'd be better outsourcing...
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        Simon, you're dead right. BTDT!

        I have to reasons clear enough. I have to site up and running, getting good feedback from users, but it's traffic I need now.

        Got my fingers frazzled with Adwords and a couple of 'gurus' already!

        I know Shefren, I'll check these guys out. Thanks!

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      If you're new, you better focus on the bigger picture. rather than rely on a product, however good that product might be, you really need to find out what you're good at and/or what you want to do to make money online.

      Don't buy in to any hype; learn how to be strategic. First, you come up with a plan; you ask yourself why you want to make money online. really come up with some awesome reasons (reasons that will keep you going when the going gets tough). Then you get a mentor; someone who can prove he/she has done it before; and follow that person's direction. Know why you need a mentor? Because a lot of people, on the internet, make money off of people like you; people who are new to this, really want to learn; a combination which makes them easy prey.

      So: 1. Ask yourself why you want to make money. 2. Find out how it's actually done; by finding a mentor (I would recommend people like Rick schefren or Alex Jeffreys or John Thornhill; all ethical people out to help).
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    Brad Callens Niche Finder is a nice simple tool, more for keywords then learning SEO...I would learn SEO by reading, not using a keyword reasearch tool, personally.
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    I have used both before. Travis Travis is great, I am using the Free Version and have found very few reasons to upgrade to the paid 'pro' version. Market Samurai is also a great tool.

    However, I only really use each tool to track my keyword rankings rather than as a means of education. Market Samurai has a good keyword research tool but if you are looking for education then just stick with online forums and blogs.
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    I have had Brad's Nichefinder a few years now it's very a very good tool, only thing I wasn't aware I would have to use a proxy after using it less than a dozen times.

    I tend to use a few kw softwares, I like the aforementioned TT free version, keyword kungfu found here on WF also kw reasrcher is good. Having said that M.samurai although expensive does a ton of stuff. Hope this helps
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    I use Traffic Travis for keyword competition research and highly recommend it. Even just using the free version is great. Super easy and effective.
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    Traffic Travis i would suggest as a beginner, when you know slightly more about how it works with its free version (which has an unlimited duration) you will find it easier to move around MS when you have learnt more about how SEO works with Traffic Travis.
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    Don't use either for keyword research. Instead, take some time to learn using the Google Keyword Tool + a spreadsheet program. You'll be amazed at what you can do.

    Though Traffic Travis is pretty good for analyzing data.
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      Hey, thanks to everybody! Great help. I'm going to stick with Traffic Travis to begin with and combime it with G adwords too.

      Again, many thanks, saved me hours of slog!!!

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    Not are if you bought market samurai but if you are new then you don't really need it yet. Stick with traffic Travis free version. Get market samurai later when you really know what you are doing. Market samurai has so much functionality it will be very confusing for a newbie
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      Right on the money. That's what has screwed with my head. I'll stay with TT for now.


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    To learn SEO you can either go to SEOMoz, or start with SEO Book's free email course; rather do both. Afterward, you may want to watch all the WhiteBoard Friday episods at SEoMoz. Those are good.
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    I personally prefer Traffic Travis, as it provides all I need. May be purchasing Market Samurai in the future though to see if it is really better.
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