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Anyone tried this? What kind of effect did it have on your rankings?(ignore the traffic side of things for now)
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    Never heard of them actually. Just checked their site and the only thing they seem to offer is Press Releases right? And a link to some other seo company in India that is selling 25 web2.0's for $75,- and 5 edu links for $100 or something. Sounds pretty <fill in yourself>
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    Hello LloydC,

    I've actually just used PRweb, first time using them.

    The my press release actually got re-posted 40-50+ times.. and got thousands upon thousands of impressions.

    From my experience alone, I highly recommend that you use their service. It's well worth the money.

    It's too soon to tell regarding rankings. Just launched the article a couple days ago. I've got a couple subscriptions from it and it paid for itself! Hope that helps man, best of luck!
    Find what you love and pursue it! You'll be much more successful if you truly enjoy your work!
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    It's well worth the price, but only if your press release is interesting and newsworthy.

    My last PRweb release landed the site several authority links and these were sites that put their own spin on the content of the release and linked to my site instead of just re-posting the press release. Much much better for SEO.
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      PRWeb is a good platform.

      We developed our own similar offering as a WSO (link in sig). But PRWeb is still cool!


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    Don't count on it, PRweb is now caught along with other blog networks, they may lay low for while, but I believed a lot of their drone sites are being de-indexed too.
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