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Anyone help me find the CTR Adsense Theme at discount price. I don't really want to pay the full amount. I have seen a thread on the warrior special offers (i can't link to yet) thanks to a friend on twitter from I cannot send him (clickstrength) a direct message

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    I don't think that you need CTR Theme for placement your Ads on your Wordpress blog. you can start with any simple theme of wordpress and then install few free plug-ins to place your ads on different level.

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    Learn basic html and css and any free theme can be customized better than an premium adsense theme.

    It'll take less than a week of watching youtube videos on your spare time to learn. You don't need to be a web designer, but just know enough to understand the language.
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    I think I remember some posts about people using CTR theme on their websites getting penalized by Google.

    Also the original owner recently sold it on Flippa.

    I've always just used ClickBump and Thesis for my sites.
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      Thanks for the replies, not sure why I didn't get alerted via e-mail of these replies.

      Those banned by the big G could they have been banned for other reasons and not just the theme though. I'm sure there are thousands of any theme out there still doing ok. I'd take a guess that those that were using the theme may have been putting up duplicate content or spammy links. I know of sites using this theme and still doing ok.

      I agree, there are some sites for free that also may give the same results, but I like to test and experiment to see if I can improve click through and conversion rates.

      The code looks clean too.

      HTML code is also good and I have a few of those, but Wordpress rocks when it comes to ranking sites IMO
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    ctr-themes[dot]com has recently dropped their prices from $69 to $39 USD, you might want to try that out.... not sure if any coupon exists or not...
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