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I only have 6 posts so I couldn't post the video or thread link, but alexa smith posted a video of matt cutts in an old thread, explaining how google does consider server location when calculating serp's.

Any thoughts on the significance of that?

I'm using 1&1 which is based in the US, I believe. I'm in Canada.

Should I be setting my local searches to the US so I'm working with more accurate search potential?

As well, what kind of situation would you be using global searches?

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    If you're targeting a specific country, e.g. UK, then best fit would be to use a domain with a host in that general geo-area. If you're looking to target the Canadian market, then the same would apply; i.e. optimal domain would be a .ca.

    In these instances, you'd probably also want to use the country-specific Google engine to check your position.

    For a global reach, I would use the .com or other gTLD and host in the USA.
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      If its the uk, go for , or .com if you intend taking in some E.U. traffic.

      The server doesn't matter in our experience, we have sites with servers across the globe that still rank top of the UK google serps.

      Just ensure to set up webmaster tools, and geo locate your website to the UK, this is all you need to do.
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    I think site load time would have more of a ranking difference than where the site is located..of course that would also play into network latency in reaching that server.
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    Yes, the server location does count slightly in the search rankings, however it is not absolutely necessary to have your site hosted in the geo-location that you wish to rank for, it helps slightly, but if it is elsewhere it's no big deal.

    High quality off page SEO will counteract it.
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    If you want to to see SERPs for a certain location you are going to have to set your search parameters to that specific location.
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      Thanks for the responses, guys!

      So it sounds like it's relatively low on the list of priorities on your SEO to do list.

      I've been targeting the US cuz it appears to dominate the largest proportion of the global search volume and I think the competition is manageable for my keyword.

      Am I using local search results in the right context?

      thanks again guys,
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