Is wordpress doing fine today ?

by lrdc
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I was wondering if WP sites are doing fine today, after the "google massacre".

I have seen many non-WP sites ranking good these days.

How do you feel ?
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    I don't think the way in which a site (WordPress or HTML) has been built has any bearing on how it ranks - what's important is the quality of the content.

    I have always worked to make my sites (all of them WordPress), authority sites, with hundreds of pages of in-depth, quality content, and without exception, all have done noticeably better post-Panda.

    Unfortunately, too many IMers see WordPress as a means of throwing together quick websites which lack depth and substance, so of course these are the sites which have been hit the hardest following Google's "massacre", as you call it.
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    Building your site on the wordpress platform has nothing to do with ranking (in my experience and I am ranking 1 for some medium to high difficulty keywords.)

    The content of the site and relevant, quality links to the site are what will determine your ranking.
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    its the best way with seo on page
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    Yeah the difference between word press and other free tools is on page seo.
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    Works great for me!

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    My WP site is ranking better than ever.
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    Wordpress Is The Best Platform If You Want To Get Good Ranking
    Plugins Help You A Lot!!
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