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I was just wondering is their anyone out there that has stuck to the same niche but has many sites focusing on the same topic.

The reason I ask is because I recently built a site unlike the type of sites I normally make and it's not performing well. So it dawned on me hey why not make duplicate sites not duplicate content btw. Now I don't mean identical sites but each of my sites has hundreds of phrases from google analytics I don't use as content. Once I hit a hundred pages I stop posting more articles, but those unused article could become a questions and answers site.

So in fact I could double my income by taking the analytics info from those 15 sites and make 15 additional sites so something like site 1 registered use info from that and build site 2 registered nurse focusing only on question and no other aspect.

I would like to hear what you guys think idk maybe I'm way off but I been doing a little keyword research and everything has competition but I know for fact this wont.
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    There's no reason why it wouldn't work. I mean basically every single article that someone has written is similar to another article written by someone else anyway. There's no such thing as truly unique content online. All the articles you see online were written by someone who researched and obtained the information for their article from some other online source. As long as your content is unique in the eyes of the search engines and it provides some useful value, that's really all that matters.
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    I can't see anything wrong with your theory. It should work - can't say I've tried exactly what you are talking about myself but I have got several sites in the same niche and it's sometimes like being in competition with yourself - but that's not an issue.

    I'd say go for it - can't see any major flaws in your plan

    However, you say you know there isn't any competition... I'm assuming you know there are searches/traffic?

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    I have 3 sites in the exact same niche with a total of around 2,500 pages.

    The major benefit is I pass traffic back & forth between related niche sites. Example, If I get traffic from a single keyword on Google, it's very possible that single traffic could go 3 sites deep, unless they click an Adsense Ad along the way.

    In other words, even If the traffic went 3 sites deep, that's a heck of a lot of Adsense Ads they'll be looking at, especially considering my average is around 7 page views per site/traffic.

    The sites content are very similar but never duplicate content on any of the 3 sites. I keep each sites content unique because that's what my traffic would expect, not because of Google.
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    Thanx everybody for the helpful comments

    Somewhere watching Power.

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