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Hi, plz tell me what is local listing and how we can use this. Which seo tool we can use for local listing. Which tool is best for get the better result for local listing. Tell me the step by step procedure of local listing. I want do local Listing.
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    I believe local search is important for online businesses because people in the same area code have easy access to your services/products. This is where you can get hold of your target market by simply inviting them to go to your physical shops.

    SEOs are not only for business trying to expand globally. Anyone, who is an online entrepreneur should learn to change their optimization tactics by including the name of the town to the keyword being used. This can be a great strategy, especially if you aim to include local target markets to the mission-vision statements of your business.
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    Local Search Engine Optimization or Local SEO is one of the most important factor as Search Engine like Google re-brand it's Local Business Centre into Google Places and start showing local results in Google Maps, Google also keep on adding new features like Google Instant Previews , Google Hotpot and other features. Yahoo and Bing also start showing local results based on local searches.

    Local SEO my includes below listed services:
    • Listing and Claiming of Business over Google Place, Yahoo Map and Bing Map.
    • Listing and Claiming of Business over Local Business Directories.
    • Choosing Best Categories that suits your Business.
    • Increasing Number of Citations.
    • Choosing Meta Tags properly in order to achieve Local Keyword Rankings.
    • Motivating customers to post reviews on Google Places, Yahoo Map, Bing Map and other Local Business Directories.
    • Smartly using keywords in Title and Description of Google Places, Yahoo Map and Bing Map.
    • Doing on-page optimization of website keeping best local keywords in mind.
    • Increasing incoming links by doing off-page promotions.

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        Google Local Listings can be defined as the business listings in the map that you usually see at the top or at the middle of Google's first page results. These listings tend to show up when you search for a keyword accompanied by a specific city.
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    Getting your business or website to local listing will make your site be known and visible to your local place..This is done if your targeted market are the locals..
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    I agree the most important first step is claiming your local listings. After that I would check out the David Mihm site for tips. Also I would utilize the Whitespark Citation finding tool.
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    Local listing means to get listed in search engines locally. In order to rank high,you need to go for local optimization tips or get submitted to Google places.
    - Set your preferred geographic location in Google webmaster tools
    - Add your website to local search engines
    - Add your website to local directories
    - Get listed on Google places, bing local search and Yahoo! local
    - Get listed on local classified websites
    - Get backlinks from target country
    - Get active on niche related communities which are popular in your country
    - Get citations for your listings

    You may use a tool called ‘Keyword Country’ to get assistance for getting ranked in local rankings.

    FREE 30 minutes of Ecommerce Marketing consultation. Consulted clients like Overstock.com, About.com, Lowe's and more...
    Book at: hello@techzui.com

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    The main advantage of Local listing is your site can rank well in SERP without backlinks, if the user's search is based on a specific locality and if you have made a listing for that locality, your site appears. Local listings are temporary and they can vanish from SERP at any time.
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    Local Search engine optimization or local SEO is one of the most important,factor as search engine like Google rebrand.It is Local business Center into Google places and start showing local results in Google Maps, Google also Keep on adding new features like Google Instant Preview,Yahoo and Bing also start showing local result based on local searches,
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    Local Listings Divides under Two Categories;
    -Under Local Search Engine as Followed by Regions (Google.ca, Google.in, Google.be, Google.br) and more.
    -Local area based, which covers your Local Area under Keywords. For Example;
    California Web Design Company
    Toronto car Rental services
    New York MMA Clubs
    and more.
    Above mentioned are few examples that covers your Local Business Related Keywords.
    Sierra Camping | Sierra Vacation Rentals
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    We offer local listings SEO, or local citation building, or local directory submission, whichever way you call it. You can see my contact info in my signature
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