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I just started doing some SEO for our website and I have a question. We have a worker who is leaving comment on our niche forums. The question is which is a better strategy - to post fewer posts on more forums with lower PR or to post more posts but on forums with higher PR?

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    Well I think the page he's going to be posting on is going to be PR N/A

    So.... The only advantage of the higher PR is that it may be indexed a little fast or has a higher chance of being indexed.

    So just post more.
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    If the actual pages that the posts appear on have good page rank, then you do not need nearly as many posts. Of course, I am assuming that these are 'do follow' links.
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    The links you get from relevant sites will be more, don't ever worry about page rank. Page rank is not now valued more as it was once.
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    You should build links on as many high quality forums as possible. Taking too many links from one particular forum won't help much.They should be from websites of your niche and should be dofollow.
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      Back Links from High PR and Do-follow Sites, always make you visible as top in SERP's. As my point of view you must work on Quality Links.
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    IMO if you are manually commenting on forums you need to look for forums with high targeted traffic. Yes this will get you a link, although may be no follow, but the most advantage you will get from this is the potential traffic you could drive to your site. If it is not great then it is pretty worthless IMO as it is just a link on an n/a page and will not do much for your rankings unless on a really low competition keyword.

    If you are just doing it for the links and it is not driving traffic then you would be best doing fewer links on more forums as this will give a greater ip diversity on your links so they will be more powerful.
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    If you post on your relevant post or forum then would be good for your ranking now, Page Rank doesn't matter because anytime Google gives you pagerank when it want.
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    the natural way - your site is new you should get backlinks from low pr site
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    Is he doing everything manually currently?

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    You should try with relevant and dofollow forums, dont bother about pr. You can generate decenmt amount of clicks by posting some genuine replies on relevant forum.
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    In terms of long-term results, YES it true that High PR forum backlinks will get indexed faster.

    However, try not to let google figure out a pattern in your posting - mix it up a little. An assortment of low PR and high PR forum backlinks will certainly appear "credible" if you know what I mean.

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    High pr, when possible.

    Karma is sweet :)
    The only way to succeed is to make others successful.

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    Well, if you are doing it just for backlinks, then it does not matter on whichever forum you post.
    Because PR really does not matter, you post will appear on page with different PR that of main domain.
    But if you are doing it for traffic, you should do it on high traffic forums. I would advise you to do get active on less forums with more posts, that will get you credibility soon.

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    The high quality links matter more then the quantity.
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