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How important is consistency when ranking low comp. keywords? What I mean is if I got say, 1000 backlinks over a few days vs 10 backlinks per day for 100 days would there be a big difference in serp position?
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    SERP positions completely depend on keyword, competition, and many other factors. However you definitely want to have consistency. I would recommend against doing 1000 per day, especially for a low comp keyword.

    Limit it to some smaller amount per day and be consistent with that number over a period of a few weeks, see where you are, and then either continue or drop the number of links down. Google likes consistency: not a blast of 1000 links for a few days then nothing. It looks completely unnatural.

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    How many 'real websites' who aren't engaged in SEO get 1,000 links each and every day of the year?

    Probably not too many.
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    The link profile need to appear natural. Which of your scenarios sound more natural to you?
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    Link velocity is the speed at which a website generates/ receives backlinks. Velocity technique is an organic link building technique which has a history of success.
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    You need to have link velocity greater than your competitors building links to catch up to the number of links that they have build and then you need to maintain velocity at a rate higher than at which they are building.
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    Whatever link velocity you choose you need to be able to keep up with it if you choose ten links, you need to make sure there are then links a day. If you do 1000, then a 1000 a day...for one person doing it, I surely cannot do 1000 a day, but I do keep up with a reasonable link velocity.
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