Backlinking JUST the Homepage?

by GGpaul
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Let's say you have a main page with 15 different pages (all with rankable keywords and with a local monthly search of 500+).

Obviously I want to rank that main page since it has the keyword in the URL.

However, when it comes to backlinks, would you ONLY invest your $$ on high PR backlinks for the mainpage? Or would the high PR backlinks that was put on your main page spread out through the rest of your pages? Or is it required that you put high PR backlinks everywhere on your site (main page, sub page , etc.)? In other words, does that you mean might have to spend more $$ ?? =P.
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    Spread the back links around to all your pages not just your main page. You will find by doing that, your traffic will increase and you have the possibility for getting your site ranked for keywords you may not have thought of.

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    backlink to internal pages as well. this will help in the SERPs - not just for your index page but internal pages.

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    Just backlink to all pages!

    Comes across a lot more natural, and allows you to rank for more keywords
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    I would spread the links to all pages. Generally I put most of the high PR links to the home page, but I also put high PR links to internal pages. I like to build links to all pages on a site.
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    I agree with those above. I personally backlink all my internal pages.
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    Get links to all your pages, this will eventually help your homepage & other pages as well to rank much better than what they would otherwise.

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    It most cases hoe page has more backlinks than other pages and its natural. But its better to make backlinks for internal pages of your site too to rank better in search engines. Always do something that looks natural for search engines and in natural case, most pages of a website have backlinks.

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    Yes, you have to build links to all of your pages, and also don't forget to use a variety of anchor texts, including general ones (click here, more info, etc).
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    Since you have not only home page in your site for the visitors, internal pages also has something to offer to its visitors. So if you see it naturally all the important pages should get back links and not only home page. Also if your inner pages got some PR it will pass it to home page as well and vice-versa.

    So your link building strategy should include inner pages as well for acquiring back links. It is not necessary that you spend $$ on High PR back links but a relevant and low PR back link could be more valuable than irrelevant High PR back link.

    While building back links think about the relevancy and QUALITY and not the PR only. A high PR link from your NICHE is the best one to go for but the same high PR link form a different NICHE has nothing to add to the value.

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    I try to find relevant niche backlinks any and all of my pages.
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    It's not required to spread out your linking among your inner pages, but I'd suggest at least throwing a few to each inner page. If you are only trying to rank the homepage, then obviously send more links to it, but if you also want to rank some inner pages then send links to them as well with the anchor text set as the keyword(s) you want to rank for.
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    I would agree with others that you should spread out your links to inner pages as well as your homepage. Only linking to your homepage looks unnatural and for SEO purposes you want your site to be as natural as possible.
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    Back linking to all your pages, if you have multiple pages rank well on Google first page, you will get most of the traffic.
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