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How many h1 tags do you recommend on each page of a website?
Do you recommend more for the home page?
Do you think there is benefit to having more or less?
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    Three hundred and seventy five thousand...

    No, but seriously, I would go with one. The page title. The rest would be h2's and h3's.

    Although, I am no expert in SEO. I am just going by things I have picked up over time.
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    I generally like to cascade them

    The page title h1

    important sub heading h2

    new topic headings h3
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    The same goes with articles submitted, h1, h2, h3
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    One per page is plenty
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    I agree one is perfect, if desperate go with two, but it may do more harm than good.
    If you don't change direction, you'll end up where you're going.
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    One H1 for me too. Then cascade the rest h2-h6 throughout the page or just stick with h2s.
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    Some themes put the name of the website in h1 tags in the header. That seems like a bad idea because you have the same h1 on every page of your site. Unless you redo the theme, you are going to have two because you definitely want the page title in h1 tags.

    It should be "one and done" for the h1 tags.
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    I only use one H1 tag per page and the rest H2 or H3's. Your keyword should be in your H1 tag.
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    • I would say just one the Page title. Then you would move to H2 and H3
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        only use one!! using more will dilute it's purpose and confuse google. you only need ONE h1 tag per page, and it should contain your most important keyword for that page. ie - for your homepage it would probably be the title of your site (or whatever keyword the site as a whole is targeting) whereas for a separate page or post, the h1 tag should be the title of that page or post (assuming that you are structuring your site properly and targeting smaller keywords within your niche by making separate pages/posts about them. )
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    Seems like I read on seomoz some time back that they didn't see any correlation between h1 tags, bold, etc. with rankings. Too easy to manipulate. You should build your site using your h tags just like you would if you were creating an outline for a 7th grade research paper. Meaning don't do it for rankings, do it for improved visitor experience.
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    H1 = a title tag.

    If you want other headings on your page further down the content thats what H2,3,4.. etc are for.

    Only use 1 H1 tag per page.

    2 nuts walked into a bar, 1 was assaulted! :p

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    One is good. beside the search engines obvious ranking requirements, you also do want your visitor to read your offer right?

    Whatever you do online especially about SEO ..you do not want to do everything "robot" ly kind of way. You want to be natural.

    I've seen this guy who is #1 on Google for a long time -- well about a year and after Panda he is #3 .... I checked his back links and he has way over 2000 back links. The guy who is always #3 now is #1 and he has almost no back links.

    So which way is good? lots of back links or not???

    I feel that Google will always rely on back links with anchor text -- because if they are legit back links is one of the most obvious ways to find out what the site is all about by its back links and anchor text.

    and so -- you do things naturally. and look into the future ... and ask yourself if you can build links consistently and all the time? like monthly etc ... build links take time but I feel back links are still a valid way to rank.

    At the end, really -- use your common sense and the word "naturally" should be the motto in all your online back links activities.
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    One H1 tag on a page is enough
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    noob question..when you guys say H1 as page title are you referring to the meta tag title or do you mean title as in simply the page's 'headline' ?
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      Originally Posted by jetsetter883 View Post

      noob question..when you guys say H1 as page title are you referring to the meta tag title or do you mean title as in simply the page's 'headline' ?
      The page's headline. You can specify a string of text as an h1, h2, h3, etc. - these are your 'header tags'. A meta title is completely different.

      To answer the OP, keep it simple: 1 H1 tag is ideal.
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    Is That A Question ???
    You Can Only Use One H1 Tag As Per Google Guidelines !
    Although By Google's Recent Update H2 And H3 Tags Are Not Much Important As H1 Tag !!
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    A good rule of thumb is this:

    One - H1
    Two - H2s
    Three - H3s
    Four - H4s

    Never use more than one H1. Although heading tags don't play as an important role in SEO as they used to--this is still a good rule to go by.

    Elizabeth Crane

    “If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.” ~ Mario Andretti

    Web Designers Las Vegas

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      Originally Posted by eslucky View Post

      One - H1
      Two - H2s
      Three - H3s
      Four - H4s
      Say what?
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    one of course. have you ever seen any page with more than one title????
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    My theme adds H1 on every page title, but ClickBump SEO hints me that to add an H1 heading with the message: "SEO! Suggests: Add an H1 heading containing your keyword phrase".

    Should I follow ClickBump suggestion to add another H1 heading on the blog contents, even the H1 heading already on page title with keyword?
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    Not you should go with one, you absolutely have to go with one per page/post. Otherwise Google won't know what is the page primarily about.
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    Just one <h1></h1> each page is powerful for me..
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    Try to only use one in the content. Google knows the difference between the title of the site having an h1 and the content also having one. It's okay to have more than one, but try to only have one in the content, which should be the title.
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    Usually I prefer to have one H1, one H2 and multiple H3 (based on requirement) and i guess this is industry standard as well
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    Use H1 tag one time in a page.Don't use multiple time otherwise google crawler confused to read page topic.
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    According to me you should place H1 tag at once in a webpage. H1 tag describe major or primary service of that particular webpage.
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    One H1 was enough.. The rest, you can use H2 or H3.. Just share my experience
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