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Why my blog busanamuslim-tanahabang.blogspot.com page rank still 0 even though has was 2 years old ?
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    Pagerank can be increased by making dofollow backlinks from high pagerank websites for your blog. Its the only way for improving your pagerank. Pagerank doesn't related to content of your your blog or other factors. It relates to your backlinks only.

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    Copied contents?
    That's a big reason why the PR of the website don't increase. Google don't ban the copied sites but never give good position
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      I'am posting the article by copying from the master article I wrote with microsoft word, does it include copying?
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    I already saw your site and the problem i think is you posted an article taken straightly from another website. well for the issue you should try to write another unique content and optimized it yourself.
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    Do some SEO work like backlinking in high page rank site. It will get boosted soon.
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    It is very difficult to get good page rank against blogs, it specially depends upon the quality posting on that blog to get good page rank and specially it also depends upon the backlinks of that blog.

    If your blog have quality backlinks then surly it will get good page rank but usually for free blogs you need extra work..
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    Keep putting in the time and effort. Creat quality content. That`s still so important. Once you have quality content the rest becomes a bit easier
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    Creating and posting fresh and unique content backed with some high quality backlinks will help.
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    Great help thanks @supermassive.
    I will try to write my own unique content!
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    Page rank depends on Backlinks only. You need to get backlinks from high PR pages. Not from high PR websites. Collect as many backlinks as you can.

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    Unique quality content will do wonders, the other posters are definitely correct.

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    PageRank of your blog / website changes 4 times per year (with each google PR update) and depends on the backlinks you have. Next update is in about 2 months I beleive. So, get a lot of backlinks and watch that website get a PR of 4!
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  • Hey frineds,

    You can get do follow back links on your website through forum posting, bookmarking, blog formatting may be you may improving your page rank. Its true that your blog content are unique.

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    Page rank mainly depends on the number of quality back links that your build for the website/blog. Also regularly post content on your blog to be more considered by Google

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    That's a matter of sorrow...I think you should review seriously about the content quality and try to increase the number back links.
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