Got a Message From Google Webmaster Tools, What Should I Do?

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Hi all,

I got a message from Google webmaster tools about unnatural links detection. Though my site is not deindex yet, I am afraid I would. I have used BMR extensively in the past so I am pretty sure it must be them. Is there any way to get my rankings back.

My site's traffic dropped from 300 a day to just 150 a day.
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    Try to create new dofollow and good quality backlinks. Only use white hat techniques for creating backlinks. Quality is more important than quantity.
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    Try adding more quality content and build natural links....Just kidding The best thing to do is to not have your site in the stupid WM tools...why would you have that? Those warnings do seem to be sent randomly to new sites.
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    First of all - don't panic.

    Many people have received the dreaded Unnatural Links Detected penalty message from Google.

    The trouble with Private Blog Networks is that when Google busts a PBN they know all the links on the blogs are pointing to sites engaged in unnatural link building, enabling Google can catch thousands of sites gaming their algo. In hindsight we now know it was incredibly short sighted and foolish to rely on these blog networks; it's like a massive raid where if you're caught in the building, you're charged along with everyone else discovered at the scene.

    Steps to take:

    Remove the site from Google Webmaster Tools and any other Google tools you may be using like Analytics.

    Keep adding good content to your site.

    Keep building links but make sure they are quality and use generic anchors like 'Click Here' etc.

    Place a few valuable comments on trusted blogs with just your name - the aim is to regain trust. Focus on trust as opposes to ranking.

    Wait patiently - you should notice the penalty reducing month by month.

    Don't be disheartened - sure you lost hours of work and your income has taken a hit which hurts but you are now in a valuable position where you can learn from it and come back smarter and wiser

    Start a new site with a new strategy and move on.
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    Create links on niche website ... don't just stick on do-follow ... create natural link building.... there should be some no-dofollow links also..
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    First of All Contact With BMR to Remove all Sorts of Back Links that you Have! After Removing all sort of unnatural links, Try To make Niche Based Backlinks for Your Site!
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