How did the large web 2.0 sites get started?

by filfy
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I know it may sound stupid. But, I thought I would ask.

I have mainly only dealt with SEO and adsense for getting traffic to sites. But I'm working on something different and I haven't really thought of the ways to promote it to get general users.

Lets say for example that my new site is like a web 2.0 site, say blog or bookmarking site. How would you get the exposure like Twitter, Facebook, Weebly, Tumblr, etc.? I know, if it was common knowledge, then everyone would be making money and wouldn't be sharing it.

I'm basically asking if there is a different known tactic that is used outside of the SEO practice. Or may be someone has come across a guide or book detailing what worked for the big sites.

Anyways, if you got some input, it would be appreciated.
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    I think something you may want to look into is link baiting

    Link bait - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Thanks sovereignn, that is probably one of the many tools that would need to be used to make a large splash. But link baiting is primarily used as a SEO tactic to get links for the purpose of increasing the serps. I'm looking to see how sites like tumblr, quizilla, digg, jumptags got their user base. I wonder if these sites actually use targeted SEO traffic.
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    According to the Wikipedia timeline for Digg, Digg got a huge promotion from the old TV show The Screen Savers when the site first went live.

    Also from looking at that wiki page, all I see is a $40+ million dollar money pit.
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      LOL!!! Digg! You can add myspace, delicious, and many others.

      Which means the question should be, why big companies
      swallow little companies, hoping for the next best thing,
      then run them into the ground.

      Virtually all web 2.0 sites were started by someone like
      you and me, who got lucky when they sold it for
      BIG bucks, or got investors to just hand over boat
      loads of cash.

      Well, people like you and me who knew how to write
      some code...

      Add Pinterest to the list of ones that seem to be working...

      Most did not happen over night, and took a long time to
      even see one dime of profit. If at all.

      One could say the same thing about walmart, McDonalds, etc.
      They all started out as small things from people who just wanted to
      run a good business.

      Add instagram to the list...


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    For one sucessful web 2.0 site - there is probably a 100 of them that failed and we never heard about it.
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    All those big Web 2.0 site started with an innovative idea with small investment... then they got investment from VC's and the expanded their business... Check out the move "Social Network"... you will know how they started facebook...
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    There are also some startup meet-ups that involve a lot of networking and pitching around ideas in hopes of attracting investors (eg. Y Combinator, About | Startup Weekend). I think most startups that are created this way are probably unheared of, but if you look at some of the Y Combinator startups, they include some big names like Scribd, Dropbox and Disqus.

    In the end, they all start with an idea

    I am Nero. Sup.

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    If you are looking to building the web 2.0 sites or social networking sites like facebook and twitter then you need to invest your time to finding the key point which is lacking in those websites. You can use them as your strong feature.

    Do the market research and note down the point which is not available on such website. Gather creative thought and draw your final project on the paper. It will help you to visualize your future. You can start developing your website by planning your complete project in advance so it will save your lots of time.

    Hope this will help you to guide for your future project.

    Good Luck.
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    Hey guys, thanks for the input.
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