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Anyone going crazy about this? Seems they are going after anchor text.

Here's there post

Sitelinks data refresh. [launch codename "Saralee-76"] Sitelinks (the links that appear
beneath some search results and link deeper into the respective site) are generated in
part by an offline process that analyzes site structure and other data to determine the
most relevant links to show users. We've recently updated the data through our offline
process. These updates happen frequently (on the order of weeks).
The above is probably fine for all of us . . .

Better indexing of profile pages. [launch codename "Prof-2"] This change improves the
comprehensiveness of public profile pages in our index from more than two-hundred
social sites.
This one actually may help us . . .

High-quality sites algorithm data update and freshness improvements. [launch codename
"mm", project codename "Panda"] Like many of the changes we make, aspects of our high-
quality sites algorithm depend on processing that's done offline and pushed on a periodic cycle.
In the past month, we've pushed updated data for "Panda," We've also made improvements to
keep our database fresher overall.
This one is going to HURT . . .

Tweaks to handling of anchor text. [launch codename "PC"] This month we turned off a
classifier related to anchor text (the visible text appearing in links). Our experimental data
suggested that other methods of anchor processing had greater success, so turning off this
component made our scoring cleaner and more robust.
This always has 'collateral' damange - they mess with more sites then they planned . . .
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    so now we need to change the anchor, don't use only one keyword and over optimized it
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    Makes sense. What's the single biggest abused 'SEO tactic?'
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    the thing is that is some kind of fail this , you can buy 1 bilion links from one keyword to your competiton and get them
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    did someone tried that on getting your competition penalized?
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      Originally Posted by dp40oz View Post

      Guys this info is weeks old at this point.
      +1 - I was thinking exactly the same.
      SEO Recovery Guru - Recovering Penalised Sites Since 2011
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    They're favouring high quality sites eh? And that description of the anchor text changes isn't so clear, but haven't people been aware of over optimisation of anchor text for a while now?
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    oh come on.. not again....
    Live a laptop life style by working home base
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    Quality content, link diversity, and anchor text diversity.

    For most, it's nothing new, really.
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    they roll out 2 updates per day FYI
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    I also think about the design and content...
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    There is some good value in this statement from Google. My partner and I give our opinions on the changes here.

    The changes to anchor text AND LSI (synonym algorithm) at the same time is significant, my partner covers that.

    The improvement to social profile weight and indexing is also very important.

    For you local SEO guys, they mention changes to Maps Data. I don't cover it in my post, but I assume this means more accurate data and the data will appear on more local search terms.

    Lastly, they make some important insight into "freshness". My post give some suggestions on keeping content fresh to maximize it's value.
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    Yeah this is old Google news from the beginning of the month...

    Personally I'm pretty tired of hopping when Google yells "JUMP!"....I'm now focusing on strategies to get traffic that are wholly independent of Google... I sleep better at night now!
    Learn to CODE at - It's Pretty Awesome!
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    New? Bah. Anchor text has always been something to be careful with. One word -> FOOTPRINTS
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    Here's hoping this will get rid of all those "cheap coach outlets" and "wow gold" comments.
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