Use google tools, for or against?

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Hello Everybody,

Just a quick question, as a webmaster:
Do you find dangerous to use google webmaster tools and analytics?
Do you prefer to use alternatives?
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    pointless question asked many many times here...for everyone who says no another will say yes.
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    This is going to be fun. lol
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    Ultimately, it's your choice.

    If you're not planning to do anything fishy, then there is literally no reason not to use Google's own tools. They're solid, and they work well. Google Analytics is definitely one of the best, if not the best, free analytics out there.

    I can understand why you wouldn't, and there are certainly some great alternatives out there - You don't NEED Google's tools.

    Just remember that if Google really wanted to, they wouldn't need you to use their tools to be able to learn everything they could possibly need to know about your website. So on some level it really doesn't make a difference.

    All that being said, I actually went through a phase where I stripped all Google products off my portfolio, but that's because I had...plans. Let's just leave it at that.

    In the end, I don't think that anyone can argue that it's anything but personal preference.
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    I like googles tools but I hate

    they seem to have this idea that its not ok for you to have affiliate links on your sites but its ok for you to put there affiliate links on your sites....

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    I don't see any danger in using Google Webmaster or other tools. But yes, I am starting to get worried about Google itself; as it is becoming a worst nightmare for many webmasters.
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    If you want to beat them, join them
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      I use google webmaster tools. I don't see much of a reason not to.
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    Google's tools are the most commonly used and frankly I use every resource I can get my hands on. It's free so may as well take advantage of it.
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    I do also use it and I dont find it dangerous so far.
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    Dangerous because it is a sharing of your information.

    I wanted to open this subject, because recently I wonder about favoritism.
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    This is kind of useless question to you, I mean Google is smart enough that even if you don’t use Google Webmaster Tool or Google Analytics then you will know less about your website as Google always knows better than you in that case.

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      Google Analytics aka Google Spy, is extremely dangerous, non of my sites use it. You are basically handing over your site's essential data to google to use against you.

      On the other hand, Google Webmaster Tools is ok, unless for some reason you wouldn't want google to know what sites belong to you, then yeah stay away from that too.
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    I haven't fine any dangerous or suspicious things with the Google webmaster tools and Google analytics and of course those tools are helping me a lot in my website's optimization process with the search engines.
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