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This is my situation

I need to outsource most of my Off Page SEO.

I have a blog on a authority site. I have someone doing 30 optimize articles each month on 15 specific keywords, and all I need is to rank those post/keywords on GOOGLE.

2 articles per keyword.

The only reason for my post is to get as much traffic as possible to my site, and give people the content that they want.

If I want all my keywords and post to rank what should I look for or in a outsource?

And how long does it take someone that is proficient in Off page SEO to rank 1 keyword or post on the first page of GOOGLE?
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    keep posting on quality sites...quantity not matters...
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    Before outsource offpage SEO, you must make sure that your onpage SEO is google friendly.

    How long your keyword will rank? depends on the competition. We cannot predict but usually takes 1 month if not too many competitor.
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    Focus on quality, because success is the outcome of quality.
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    Make 5-10 unique content quality Web 2.0 submissions (make them stick with related images, videos, themes, etc) to each of your pages as your main backlinks, then create some bookmarks and press releases as additional backlinks. Posting to wiki sites and blog comments also work.
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    As far as how long it would take to rank - the answer to this is highly subjective. But I suggest you give it atleast a month before analyzing the results. Its often seen that certain campaigns produce results in a span ranging from few weeks to few months.
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    I would suggest you that do by yourself...Don't outsource your website
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      Originally Posted by rosesmark View Post

      I would suggest you that do by yourself...Don't outsource your website
      Indeed, you want to be in control. Or outsource it to an SEO company that is trusted, but these are hard to find these days or just too expensive per my experience.

      There was another Warrior who purchased 3000 forum profile links from a provider which got his website de-indexed right away. Do you want this to happen to you to OP? Take rosesmark's advice and do it yourself.

      Do make sure your on-page is totally bullet-proof. Then begin with your SEO campaign and watch the magic happen.
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    If your plan is long term off page SEO we can help you with that. We all know is that off page or link building is a never ending process, like you may stop it now the next day your competitor already outrank you.
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    Keep your concentration on quality rather than quantity because quantity doesn't matter. Choose High Authorized and high page rank sites to submit your contents where contents must be an unique, fresh and have best quality.

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    Choose a good keyword and make a good content. Post them on high PR sites. If you want to outsource this task, make sure you have the right person.

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    As many people have pointed out above, don't worry about the quantity of links you are building just focus on the quality you are much better of getting 1 high quality related link a day than you are 30 blog comments etc.
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    Don't get quantity links always prefer getting quality links.
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