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I would like to start a new niche website, and I'm spending eons w/GKWT, and I'm not sure I'm even doing it right. Just yesterday I discovered you can look at things by category. So if there's already a master thread about how to use it effectively, please help me find it. If not, here's what I'm doing, and perhaps you can tell me how to better use it.

I was thinking of doing an Amazon affiliate site that I could ad Google Adwords to later. I would be writing my own articles (I'm good at SEO writing and have time but no money or desire to outsource). I'm pretty open to what it could be about, and understand that health related things are higher dollar, but am also interested in home and garden products.

I'm entering keywords like:

buy widgets
buy widgets online
etc. and then doing [EXACT].
I put in parameters for over 1000 global searches and sometimes putting a cap of 5k on that to find a really targeted niche.
I'm looking at Low competition, and sometimes medium.
I sort by CPC to check out higher priced advertising.

I have not used Excel yet for sorting, though I'm capable of that - just haven't gotten to the point where I thought the data would be useful. I've seen folks write about how the exact match search should have less than X number of results in Google - what's the max I should limit it to?

I think I've asked the right questions here, but I'm sure I'm missing a ton. Really need to get started on a site - it will likely be an authority site, rather than a 1-3 pager. I can crank out up to 10 quality articles per week, but will likely average 3-4.

I need to make this work so I can stay at home with my kids and get the heck out of retail. I appreciate your help!
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    Perhaps someone could at least tell me if I'm doing it right? I can't afford a paid service, so I'm working with what I've got! Thanks!
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    Dont use any caps. Why would you limit yourself. I stumbled upon a kw, for over 1 mio EXACT search and ranked #3 for a while. Do not limit yourself in a world with no limits at all.

    I cant actually see what your site will be about, cause "buy widgets" ?? what?

    If you have a very narrow niche, take a step back and put in the "bigger picture" keyword and maybe you will find other phrases people use to describe your product. You could be amazed at what comes up

    Hope this helped.

    Sincerely, Buyseech
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    I used "widgets" as an example - I don't have a niche yet - I'm trying to find one. I'm just really confused about how to go about finding a decent keyword or phrase. I don't want anyone to hand me something on a silver platter - just some decent direction so I don't waste hours and hours staring at useless data. (Unless that's unavoidable).
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      If you are after Amazon affiliates. I suggest heading to amazon and searching for "Bestselling" products. If they are selling already and in large quantities, there is a demand. Surely there will be related keywords to go along

      I would also suggest aiming at the 50$-200$ range, due to the low 4-7% you will get.

      Just a thought

      Sincerely, Buyseech
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    Buyseech - That was exactly my thought as far as price range goes. I was thinking $300, actually. I just wish I knew how to use the keyword tool better.
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    Try the free version of traffic travis, no need to upgrade at this point.

    Watch the very short training video on how to use the software.

    Use the research section.

    Put in some broad keyword and see what other ideas you get for that.

    Different people look for different things.

    If you are really good at getting sources of targeted sources of traffic without SEO then just look for high US, Global or local monthly searches depending on if your market is Global, US or local (or whatever other country you are marketing to).

    If you aren't and will be relying on SEO, then find keywords with less competition by still really high search volume and a product or something that sells.

    You can also get ideas where to start by looking at best sellers and hot sellers on Amazon and Ebay or checking what is trending on Google in google trends.

    You can also ask your account manager with your affiliate company or CPA company what is hot now or what is always a great seller.

    Use that information, (and there is tons) to select broad keywords and then research to see if you can find something more selective.

    For example: wine aerators may be a big seller but there are also particular wine aerators for sale. Check those all out on Amazon.

    Of course, this would be to sell the product.

    I don't recommend you put adsense on a site when all you want them to do is purchase something.

    Also, if you want to build a list, then find something with a discount coupon that you can offer them if they sign up for the list. Then you build a list AND make a sale, if now, maybe later.

    The key is to just start doing it.

    You will mess up. Keep costs down so that until you have a successful list or site or something you don't run out of money and spirit to keep going.

    When you get something successful then scale that up and after it is scaled up, start all over and do it again.

    I hope that helps you.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

    Guaranteed 60% Opt In Rate Traffic-Real People-Fresh Today-High Quality Biz Opp traffic![/URL]
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      TopKAtt made some very good points.

      OKFarmgirl: I am just in the middle of writing a post on The fundamentals (Basics) of Keyword research. It will be finished by tommorow mid-day and will be plonked on my blog (see sig). But I will fetch you a link on private (if not here) as well. Hope it will help.

      Sincerely, Buyseech
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