Where Is The Best Place To Get SEO Articles Written?

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Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would recommend textbroker.com and iwriter.com. Good writers and good prices.
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    look in the warriors for hire section there are a lot of good writters there.

    I have used 99centarticles from there a few times and they have always been good.
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    I received good quality SEO writing from Ankur on the Warrior for Hire board. The quality is better than most of the other cheap content providers. The service is fast too! Here is a link to the thread:

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    I have used a number of outsourcing sites and I must say that some of the best results I've had are from The Content Authority.

    One of the features that I've become particularly enamored with is the ability to track individual writers, assign them to groups, and then submit writing tasks to a particular group of writers you've had good experiences with on a particular topic.

    This space will be awarded to the first WSO owner who can prove they make Million$ from their methods.

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    I prefer the writers here as well, I think that they can get you the type or articles you need for SEO for the simple fact that they are part of this forum as well and pretty much know what type of articles the people here are looking for.
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    There are alot of services online that you can choose from. Just make sure that you have interviewed them correctly or if ordering of this forum or sites like fiverr then check their feedback and keep asking them questions until you are happy.
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    My writer is actually on Odesk, shes American and still writes articles for pretty cheap. I think I really lucked out with her though, as I haven't had much luck hiring anyone else on Odesk for article writing.

    FREE WSO Ebook: Offline Marketing Vault ($17 Value): Download Here

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    Freelancer.com is a best place for quality SEO articles in affordable rates.
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    You can try out iwriter.com or textbroker.com or any of the freelancing sites. There are hundreds of writers at each of these sites so you cannot really vouch for the collective quality of one site. Of course, it helps if you can find a writer with whom you can communicate more effectively. As a writer, it is very annoying for me to deal with the red tape of freelancing sites.

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    I always hire top rated sellers from fiverr. Delivery time is slow, but i get quality articles for $5.

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    If you want to find a cheap writer on Odesk that will accept $2 for 500 you will have to go through about 50-100 writers before you find anyone decent. But if you are willing to spend $10 for a 500 worded articles. I have seen some good offers here on the WF where people are offering to write 500 words for $5 with excellent feedback. I think try that out.
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    Iwriter is good place to start because there is an option to review your article and to accept or reject based on the quality.
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      In addition to some of the sites others have mentioned (some of which I've written for in the past) you can always check out my site. I have samples posted in the blog.
      Native Advertising Specialist
      Dangerously Effective
      Always Discreet
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    Hi, there are two places I normally get articles from. SEO Generals - Your One Stop Shop For All Your SEO Needs and Article writing service*|*Article Writing Etc. For both sites, your satisfaction is guaranteed and if there are any issues, they will re write and make sure you are happy.
    Commitment is the difference between people who "have potential" and people who have results.
    Demond Jackson
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    i would suggest you to go for the fiver u can get the best value for your money
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    I would suggest textbroker or elance.

    However, the most important thing is you'll have to keep in mind is to properly interview these writers and review their past assignments so you'll know that you are hiring the right person.
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    Freelancer.com and elance.com and odesk too!
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    Originally Posted by dns7080 View Post

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I have send you one email please check..
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    I normally use Odesk but I choose native writers only from USA, UK, South Africa, etc
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    You might want to try senukexarticles.com
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