New to Adsense - Any tips?

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My title is a little misleading because I don't use Adsense, I am using a different network, but I still get paid per click. Is this just described as a PPC campaign or is that reserved for individuals who are paying the networks for traffic?

Anyways, I am at a CPM of $0.15 which by looking at what others have to say is fairly small. Not much of a surprise because I am just sort of putting the ads in wherever it seems appropriate without real rhyme or reason.

I want to start getting into split testing and all that to optimize my pages, so my big question is for those of you who have successful adsense/pay-click campaigns... Where did you learn some of the major basics like about hotspots, ad formatting, etc? It's hard to find solid info on this, and I'd really like a solid source of knowledge before I dive head first into it.

Thanks all!
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    I posted some tips on AdSense placement and formatting here:
    5 Fixes For Low AdSense Earnings

    Hope it helps.
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    the basics of making money with adsense is having a good foundation in place

    you need to enter a market/niche which have plenty of advertisers, good pying ads, plenty of traffic, not a seasonal niche, not too competitve like insurance etc

    these are the basics but the best thing to do is take action

    you will make mistakes but just improve along the way

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    The most important thing is to keep testing what works better and what does not. Test different size ads, test where you put them on the page and how many places you put them on the page for example.
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    Cpm of $0.15 ??? Are you kidding me, that's just plain awful. You could make a lot more than that with adsense. Sounds like your using a third or fourth tier network. Why not just go with adsense?
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    Make sure you have good volume for your keywords and also a good overall CPC in the niche. A good CPC is around $1 in my opinion.

    Also different niches tend to have different CTR's as well.

    Last thing. Don't rely on adsense. They ban accounts and customer service is non existent. Have it as a stream but not your only source.

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    Just make sure your site doesn't violate their TOS so that your acct won't get banned. Good luck.
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