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how the heck do you this accurately.

I like seo centro's rank checker but I know these tools aren't always accurate.

i have internet explorer - how do i manually check my rankings? more importantly how do i delete any "prior" cookies and preferences in google with IE to be able to see where my site is the same as some random person doing a search?
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    Wow you are WRM and have 889 posts! However you can use SEO Books SEO for Firefox. Also SEO Powersuit's Rank Tracker is very good one.

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    I usually do it manually to check my ranking on Google search engine because if your site ranks in i.e 10 th page, its better to don't check it
    But there are some tools too. For example:

    I love warriorforum.

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    Check SEO SERP backlink checker tool. The tool list the possible pages indexed from a site and list it page rankwise.
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    You can buy Rank Checker (yep, that's exactly the tool's name), it's on Clickbank.

    Or you can use some online-based checker, try googling something along the lines of "serps checker" or something and some good should pop up.

    I personally use the rank checker included in the paid version of Market Samurai.
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    Check out Rankerizer free download here

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    I use SEO for Firefox. It's free and easy to use.
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    If you connect your Google Webmaster Tools account to your Google Analytics account you'll be able to see your Google ranking right within Analytics.
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    Most of those tools just show you your pagerank but don't show you what position you are in the Serps. To do that you need rank checker which costs money or just go to and add in your keywords and domain name and it will pop out a report of your standings. It's very convenient and it's free.

    See a good example of a high converting lead capture page and blog setup. Money Blog

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    I tried all of above in addition to and Traffic Travis. And they all gave different results! So much for the accuracy
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      Originally Posted by slix View Post

      I tried all of above in addition ... they all gave different results! So much for the accuracy
      Depending on the keyword you're searching and where are you searching from, this is somewhat expected.

      All these rank checkers and rank trackers do the same thing. They query one of Google servers and scrape the results.

      Google will provide different SERP based on the IP address the query comes from.

      Google might also dynamically reorder the SERP based on user's feedback (what are they clicking on, how long do they stay on which page).

      The exact ranking is an 'inexact science'. The trend of your keyword (when looking at the chart) is pretty clear though. Either you're going up or down.

      It doesn't matter if you were 7th in the morning and 5th in the afternoon. The chart will clearly show the long term average and trend.

      Good rank tracker service will track keywords automatically (without having to schedule anything) and will show a clear, easy to understand chart showing the progress.

      Good luck finding the right one!

      Rank Tracker - Fast, Reliable & Automated - - free test drive

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    Like the above said I'm going to give another vote to rankerizer

    It's free with an opt in and it's never lead me wrong
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    Have you tried to use Traffic Travis?

    This is what I use and you can get a free trail.

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    I use cuterank to check positions. It's a great to generate report. Cost is also reasonable.

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    I use Traffic Travis, but often manually check rankings in Google/Firefox Private browsing or just add &pws=0 to the end of the google search url for non-personalized rankings. I would occasionally check the results manually as the software if often inaccurate (as mentioned above)
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