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Do you guys have a different EZA account for each theme/niche or do you use the same account for all of your artilce publishing? Just wondering about the footpring.

Do you also use different usersnames etc ect for Squidoolenses or do you also just use the same dispite the niche?
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    yes, switch users all the time and also diverse the anchor texts, that would be the best to avoid footprints. you can also randomly link to authority sites in your niche from the same article
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    For my EZA I used different username to each every niche i have. Different usernames to each blog sites as well.
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    well i create a new account for every campaign
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    I keep the same account. Not sure how EZA would react to multiple accts.

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    You can have one account and a couple of pen names within the same account. That's recommended if you are engaged in multiple niches - one pen name per niche/vertical.

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