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So I have seen it mentioned a few times, it's possible to get your own website flagged by the google bots for spammy/unnatural looking links.

So does that make it possible for SEOs to perform blackhat SEO techniques on competitor websites and cause them to downrank in the SERPs?
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    In my opinion i think so. I don't think its a nice thing to do. Infact its a ****ty thing to do.

    That time spent doing that could be time spent doing white hat seo on your own site.

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      Yeah I agree it is a terrible thing to do. I just need to know if this is something i need to look out for in the future.

      Surely Google are not stupid enough to allow this to be an option for people?

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    This is a repetitive question with no clear answer.

    Everytime someone says "DO NOT DO THIS OR YOU WILL GET PENALIZED!!!" Really now?

    I think if you could hurt other sites, there would be 1001 software that kill your competition and a lot of people would use it. Internet marketing is a business like any other. Squash or be squashed. Luckily (at least I believe so) you cannot get squashed directly by others.

    Sincerely, Buyseech
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    All I have to say is , KARMA
    you go around doing this as a habit, and expect bad things to happen to you down the road.
    Work hard treat others respectfully, dont scam cheat lie steal, as my dad told me you dont have to cheat or scam someone to make money, making money is easy if you have brains, ............................
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    A lot of people (so called gurus) try to appear to be experts on what Google can and can't detect with regard to black and white hat SEO. I think the truth is, however, that no one really knows. I would suggest that, as Codecreative wrote, a person would be better off spending his time on white hat methods. In the long run, that person will come out ahead by creating a valuable website that will not be affected by Google's updates.
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    Black hat seo is not the good way to rank site on Google.Now a days Google updates its software monthly or weekly,so it is not good for site.
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    If you want your site to be seen as an authority site then stay away from black hat and lots of links. Eventually google will figure it out - my option anyway.
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    Avoid shortcuts. It will give you nothing except your site will penalize.
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    Don't try to kill your competitors by Blackhat SEO otherwise google will kill you...
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