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My understanding is backlinks from forum posts are generally worthless. The page of the post is PR 0 with no link juice to pass on.

What if you post on a forum, then go to and buy one of those "link" packages for 1000's of links and have it point to the page of the forum where your post is located. Would this increase the rank of that page and in turn make its backlink more attractive?
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    Generally speaking, yes.

    Is it a good idea? Eh. Safer than pointing one of those dealys to your own site, but I suspect the site owner might not be thrilled.

    The theory is sound, although the quality of those links is suspect, as well. I suspect in the end bad quality page + bad quality links + 1 random signature link to your site isn't going to give you what you are after.

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    I've actually had pretty decent luck with very targetted forum sig links. Key is relevance imo.

    intitle:"keyword phrase" + inurl:showthread.php
    intitle:"keyword phrase" +
    intitle:"keyword phrase" + inurl:/forum

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    The method realllly isn't that great. If you're going to do that you'd be better off making web 2.0s and blasting it with links
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    It's an idea but not recommend . The 1000 links need to build on quality and high PR site as well. If you target those PR0 Site then it do not give much weight for your thread.
    I rather paid the link and link to your website rather than a post.
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    In my view Now days index distribution is not proper way to create inbound back links because mostly internet directories need favorable link or accepted after one week after distribution.

    That's why if we can focus on leaving comments on blogs and message board publishing than we got better outcome is as evaluate to index distribution.
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  • I think that if you want to get High Page Rank then collect permanent quality backlinks for your website and if quality backlinks then you will got ranking in SE and also you will got high ranking in SE then you will got traffic, so you will got fast or trend traffic then you will absolutely got quickly high page rank for your website.
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    for high page rank,you will create backlinks from high pr sites..
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    • Forum posting is not the only way to get backlinks. Writing guest posts on high page rank websites and submitting quality content in article directories will help you get relevant links to your website. You can also send out press releases. News sites usually have high page rank.
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    Forum links tend to get taken down.
    It's better to build to a quality Article or Web2.0 site that you can control.

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    ^ What she said.

    It makes no sense to build a bunch of links that may or may not be around for too long. As many of us have seen with blog networks getting deindexed, the result of loss of links can be harmful to your rankings.

    Build Tiers or layers of links focusing your Tier 1's on high authority domains that allow to post contextual links. Web 2.0, press releases, articles and guest blogging are a great place to start. Then once you have these good Tier 1's in place, then you can bomb them with profile links, blog networks, guestbooks, blog comments, wikis, etc.
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