SEO Fact File ANTI BS - My Full 3 Year No Fail Strategy

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So I posted this on UK business forum but they cryed and deleted it but lots of people found it useful, apparently its a article? Wasnt written as a article was written to help some newbie seos out.

This may not be ground breaking but ive been using this exactly like this for 3 years.

Hope that it survives here

OK so after looking around this forum(UKBF) and speaking to a friend of mine, there is a hell of a lot of confusion and simply misunderstanding of simple logic of how you get ranked on google.

Google works quite simply on "votes" these votes are back-links a link from a website to your website. They are also now bringing in how many people liked, or +1 a page or re-tweet

This is all google has to work from, that's basically it!


Google preaches quality content but it cannot evaluate quality content the simply fact of the matter is that if your content features the information google expects to find for that page in a few places it will be quality. It cannot sit there and read the content to see whether it is correct or actually makes sense to the reader.


Upon testing the "white hat" way about 1.5 years ago when all this quality content etc. come about I thought id look into "safe linking quality content hype bs".

I bought a perfect domain, nice clean design template and I got a real top notch writer who has written for fortune 500 company's paying $10 per 100 words for articles. Of which they where 10 of them all with 300-500 words.

However after waiting 1 week for my super quality content to even appear in google after it had been indexed it simply was not going to happen. So I ended up going with just letting people know about my content. Again a few months later no results.

So I got my content out there standard bookmarking on sites like digg, stumbleupon and sharing this content around a little bit(BTW if you look deeply enough into googles rules this is considered "black hat")

As mentioned the rules basically state if you self publicise your website to other websites to gain back-links your black-hat! So for people thinking well its OK he's doing it white hat by building good quality links from article directory x and y or he's swapped a link with x and y this is black hat!

Now I had been ranking websites for the last 2 years without any problem doing it the way that has worked and still works today. Which is building more links than my competitors have and getting the rankings with tools and outsourcing.

Remember the more votes you have the more "quality" your content is.

That's how google does its determining and its not going to change.

But wait what about the banning?

Well I personally have never been banned in 3.5 years doing this and there's a simple reason for that, I'm not a blatant idiot!

So lets think about what can get you banned, again I have to state I have not been banned so cannot speak for whether this would really work however from most information I've seen about blatant idiots getting banned they have stated some common practices.
  • New website - no other links at all
  • New website with keyword in the domain
  • Only using 1 or 2 link sources all with the same keyword that they want to rank for
So lets elaborate these factors so you can understand more the ban hammer.

New website basically if the site is brand new never been registered before it has absolutely no links from anywhere else. If you think about your business website it may have that link from yellow pages or that blog somewhere or something else that popped up when you registered your company.

New websites simply have no other links, they are intent on ranking it and they also use a keyword in the domain as another flag to google. Now having the keyword in the domain isn't automatically a flag but this is just a common practice that they do.

Next they grab scrapebox and xrumer these 2 are the most common tools for building links FAST! you can build 1000s of links within minutes and keep going. So by our original thought more votes = win right?

But! this is where they fall down because they link all to the same keyword! They simply want to rank for as a example "blue widgets" so every single link that domain has, has the keyword in the anchor text "blue widgets". They have absolutely no other keywords.

Now hopefully you can see that will simply get flagged straight away! A site pops up on google its domain is the keyword all its back-links are the keyword and its gaining links like its just been on Oprah!

Google is not that smart(technically) but the first thing anyone would do with a system like this is that if the links are all the same then they weren't created by a human!

So you have those factors to consider

Are the links all from 1 or 2 places e.g. blog comments and profile links and are they all linking to the same keyword to try and rank for it.

So these tools get a bad understanding that they can get you banned because some naive wannabe SEO thought ill just get 40,000 links and beat out everyone for that keyword because all the links are the same keyword!

40,000 links with all the anchor text blue widgets and all from profile links? Get REAL!

So how does this relate to your business website and can you ever get banned by these tools?

Simple answer is NO unless you do as above.

As mentioned before most businesses who are pre established will already have a link portfolio from a few different sources. Therefore google simply cannot go and ban that website.

Think about it, it costs about $20 to get a xrumer blast for about 100,000 links if I could just buy that and do it to all my competitors I wouldn't even think about building a link myself. Also google would be even in worse shape!

So what does google do? Well simple it ignores them you get no gain and no loss.

So what's the SEO Solution?

Well if you haven't figured it out yet, its all about diversity, diversify your links and diversify your keywords.

Think like a human and google will assume you are a human(you are a human right?)

So when you go out and get someone to build them links for you don't just say hey I want to rank for "blue widgets" and that's my anchor for all my keywords. You will fail or get banned if your a new site. Ultimately you end up with this false assumption that using tools doesn't work and is bad.

So if your having 1,000 links you want at least 10 different keywords. Also you want to try to split them over more urls.

Fact: google will not know that you've created 1000 links in 1 day unless you draw massive attention to them by back-linking and re back-linking them

Your links are found as and when google crawls

However if you can split them up so that you have 1,000 back-links over 10 pages each with 10 keywords each then you will have a lot more natural footprint as a example, this can be done with the same case of 10,000 links.

In the case of diversifying your link sources, You don't want to just get 1000 blog posts or whatever else

You want to get at least 3-5 of these different link sources

article marketing
blog comments
profile links
guest book sign ups
wiki links
web 2.0 links
forum posts
image website links
social bookmarks
directory submissions
video back-links
edu or govs(common to see people on this forum thinking they need only these)

Embrace the tools and spread the love you'll have more success and you'll never think about the lies you've been told before about automatic tools.

If you follow this system with about 3 of these link types per month (3000 per month) for 3 months you'll reach top 10 at least for even the most difficult keywords.


As we've already said you wont get banned if you follow the rules. But for comprehension sake lets say you did.

So what if someone did "get banned" well it isn't really a ban, what it is, is that google will deflate your rankings for the keywords and drop you out of the serps.


right? well that's what you don't do, you don't panic you diversify! By building links from different site types and using different anchor texts you will get out of the "sandbox" as commonly called and you'll be back to play.

Remember this only refers to sites that have no linking profile.

You can check your links for free with a program called seo spyglass(you'll be amazed at how weak your competitors are)

Now you have been educated what now

Well for a start don't go paying some body 5k for "white hat linking", me or your competitor will have a better understanding of tools and you wont be able to touch us. But remember that any link that is self solicited is technically black hat anyway.

So with your new understanding you can now embrace real link building and welcoming your SEO efforts into 2012, this is the internet and using a computer is the way to win.

Think Smart Act Smarter!

Super tip for using tools - "click here" "my website" "join us" and other variations people use to link to there website are great to dilute your anchor text.

As much as SEO is this simple specific links and sites hold more value, this is where a REAL SEO comes into there own.

As a SEO I do not build links FACT I manage my link portfolio and check what links provide the most bang for my buck and diversify. I also focus on on page optimization.

If your a SEO or a wannabe SEO this is how your business should be structured your not a link builder, your a SEO Manager effectively. Outsource it to India/whatever or get the tools to do it. The real skill in SEO is learning the process and tweaking it as link types improve or decrease.

Still want to be a "white hat SEO" The only real way to be properly white hat is that you do not build links, the only way to do this is that you simply manage your business on Facebook and twitter building up your following and sharing your content(which you'll need a lot of to keep them coming back) Good luck to all and I hope you have learned something and most importantly take action on it because your in business to make money so is google.

Ranking on google is like fashion you simply need to have multiple outfits to fit the seasons.
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    epic post!

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    Google works quite simply on "votes" these votes are back-links a link from a website to your website. They are also now bringing in how many people liked, or +1 a page or re-tweet
    What does this imply? The presence of social networking on your site helps your ranking too.

    Really great piece you have here and i agree with all what is stated here.
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    Basically you want to have share/like +1 and retweet on your posts.

    Normally these come with a number a long side them with the amount of times they have been clicked meaning they were posted to the social network. I would imagine google doesnt rely on the number itself from the site but you can bet its constantly indexing the social networks and see when your posts are poping up and then using that count.

    You can just use the count to keep a eye on the progress yourself or when your outsourcers add to it

    It may not be the be all end all at the moment but its best if you atleast have these in place so people can share your content.

    Its quite unnatural to see a post with 1000 backlinks but nobody could be bothered to like it?

    Again it comes down to thinking like a human
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    great article Martin!, really interesting stuff, I actually always though of this, even the so unwanted no-follow links are good to make it look "natural"
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    Originally Posted by MillionaireMart View Post


    Google preaches quality content but it cannot evaluate quality content the simply fact of the matter is that if your content features the information google expects to find for that page in a few places it will be quality. It cannot sit there and read the content to see whether it is correct or actually makes sense to the reader.
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    good point Slim I actually forgot to mention that but im sure it comes into diversify diversify diversify!
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    Cheers Martin. Interesting article. Always had preached to me over the years that an exact keyword match domain was viewed as better by the big g , but I can see why they would penalise you.

    Cheers. Good info.

    Regards Dom

    No body cares what you know, until they know you care!

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    Great post, really informative for people that lack SEO knowledge. Plus enjoyed reading it!
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    Thanks for taking the time to post this. Very helpful.
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