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I decided to learn the basics of SEO because I feel it will be very beneficial for me.

I have 2 questions:

1-What are the best resources to learn SEO properly from genuine sources to date..

2-Taking all the new developments and changes into account how does the future of SEO look like? Will it always stay around? Can it change dramatically? What is your view of the future of SEO?

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    IMO, The SEO best resource is Black Hat Forum. SEO is always changes every years but not so dramatically. There always technique to play with they logarithm.
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    Try checking out Google's SEO Starter Guide. It has updated information on SEO.
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    Forums are the best places for learning SEO. You will find tons of resources for learning new techniques of SEO. This is the most updated place full with tons of resources. Stay connected with some popular forums, you will get all what is necessary for working professionally.
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    Warrior forum is a great spot. I found traffic grab and Chris Macko's fast attack SEO useful (google them). I've created a lot of articles, ebooks, videos etc I'm not sure if I can link to them in this post but there is a lot of good stuff out there, search youtube too.

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    Google webmaster forums are pretty useful you should check them out.

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    For leaning the seo i would like to suggest you to go with one by one SEO Services. You can start with directory submission and move ahead with other link building services. you need to invest your time for learning new things. As per your query about the future of SEO. i think it will not going to stop anyway, because everything is going online and the competition is rising day by day. so the Search engine optimization may change there process but not going to end.
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    You can check on WSO for new information. People sell their invalueable knowledge at unbelieveable price on WSO section.

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