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can yuo really rely on this tool to get you rankings for page 1 ? or not really
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    I used to rely my SEO in this tool but I stopped when big G penalized all my sites. Now i'm back to zero and starting to use the manual method again.
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      Originally Posted by fiberoptic View Post

      Sure, if your targeting keywords with no competition.

      If you are targeting keywords with no competition then you should be able to beat them with good on page SEO.

      SeNukeX is not a very good tool in my opinion. It is much better to outsource it or do it manually.
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    I'm on 1st page for most of my sites for their keywords, but I didn't use senuke alone.

    But I do think it certainly helps, or at least it used to. Now its probably oversaturating the web so I dunno.. I haven't even installed it on this laptop yet.
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      No i don't believe on such kind of softwares for any promotion work for a website. I always create back links by manual submissions.

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    I use senukex to create Web 2.0 properties and Social Bookmarking. You can get page one ranking for Easy competition keywords. Be creative and think outside of box. Don't use pre defined templates. Make your own and do a campaign for few days.

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    Originally Posted by charlesgalofre View Post

    can yuo really rely on this tool to get you rankings for page 1 ? or not really
    To put it simply: no you cannot.
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    SENUKE can be used in different ways and it depends on how you use it. I don't think you should use this software on its own... if anything it is to be used as part of your overall strategy.
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      Any software is only as good as the brain operating it.

      Automation with no plan is just automatic crap.
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    yes you can , but need a proper link building plan and good content/articles .
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    You can reach page #1 with almost any tool...

    There are a lot of variables at work though.

    Luck.... Competition... Skill.... Quality... Amount Of Time... LOTS OF STUFF!

    Don't rely on only SENukeX though I promise you'd end up regretting it
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    I think it is smart to understand exactly what you are going to be using each tool for before you decide to buy any. Sure they work great in helping your sites rank higher, but understand that proper SEO will require much more than just one tool. Focus on a plan and use these tools to help you implement your plan.
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    SENuke works- you just have to use it the right way.

    It's not a magic button where you can just fill it with garbage computer-generated articles, spam the internet and expect to sit pretty.

    All of the successful SENuke users I've seen got results by using it as a quality content distribution tool.

    In other words-
    1) Get a quality, long article (at least 1,000 words)
    2) Use SENuke to distribute it
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