Do Pligg sites make good backlinks?

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I have been considering purchasing an automated Pligg submitter for a while now but don't want to waste my time if some of you guys have found pligg submissions to be worthless. I have seen a competitor ranking pretty well with mainly pligg backlinks but I'm worried that pligg sites will end up like blog networks. Thoughts?
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    Well. At least each backlink is a backlink no matter where it comes from... But to the question if they are worth or not, I think the right answer should be that they are NOT so powerful for your website such as Forum and Article marketing or Blog Commenting. I advice you to stay away from them personally. By the way, will wait for other "warriors" to read different things about this topic!

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    Value of a backlink doesn't relate to the platform that your backlink website uses from. Maybe you find some valuable Pligg websites that having backlinks for them helps your ranking. But i am juts saying it according to my long time experience. Usually Pligg websites will be changed or removed after some years when the admin of those websites feel they didn't earn good money from their social bookmarking websites which are made using Pligg. Its not related to Pligg at all. Its just what i know and for making sure about what i said, you can find huge list of Pligg sites but when you click on many of those links, you find those sites broken and not available more. So please just submit your pages to quality Pligg based sites to have a permanent backlink and easily ignore low quality Pligg based sites.

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      It are just some kind of bookmarks, not much ranking increase but always good to diversify your links.
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    No they are not that good for backlinks but they do certainly help getting your website indexed.

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    Thanks for the input guys, think I'm just going to go after the more reputable sites. Anyone got any recommendations?
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    These low quality bookmarking links are not good for money site. But mass amount of social bookmarking links will be useful for Tier 1, Tier 2 Properties. I use mass amount bookmarking links to get them indexed.

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    Never heard of them........ May be it's because I use all manually.
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    Pligg sites are among the better sites to get links from. Even better if they are higher-PR, aged domains.
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      These days we need a variety of backlinks, so this could help... but I wonder how "relevent" they will be, like related to my website content?

      I guess I should go through the list to check, and also notice PR, and age.

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        I think you shouldn't be involved in pligg type backlinking because google do not like it. Just focus on original content. No backlinks can compete original content. And i don't like this forum because everybody here is just busy in making backlinks and not interested in providing good answers.
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    Its pretty good for indexing, and also diversity of your backlinks.

    In the pist penguin era i recommend using pligg submissions for anchor text diversity.
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