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i am working for medical website, few days before my keywords rank in first page but at that time my maximum keywords rank down upto 10th page and google also not show my inner page url. what's the problem anyone suggest me.
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    Is your site new? If so it could just be the good old google dance and if that is the case then just keep building and it will come back and usually higher than before.

    Hope that helps.
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    Check your webmaster tool for more details. if your website is new then your honeymoon period is over
    Keep building links pointing to your targeted page. your ranking will be back in couple on weeks.
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      Its called the Google dance. The rankings fluctuate up and down. You just need to keep adding quality content and creating quality backlinks. Keep doing what you did to get your website there. Enough said.
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    Keep building links from high PR authorities Sites. It will be back to normal.
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    I will also recommend to check webmaster tool first if their is no such error then you have to build quality one way natural link it will really help your website to rank on the same position.
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    Clear the cache and cookies in your browser and then search for the your KW. The thing that you are reporting can be attributed to Google dance. Continue building links to it and you should jump back to a much stronger position.

    Yeeee Ha
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    Or it could be that Google devalued your links or you got hit by one of the other new google changes...
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    Are you sure it isn't just the regular Google dance?
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      Hi devshakya,

      It is NOT the "Google Dance" as a couple of people have suggested. It is most likely the normal effect that we typically see from QDF, a standard ranking factor.

      "Google Dance" is a term that was coined to describe the shifting rankings after a major algorithm update. After Google switched to a more incremental update pattern, the term has been used to describe the minor Google updates and data refreshes that occur on a frequent basis. The key concept being that the term "Google Dance" refers to ranking shifts cause by Google's internal changes and not part of the normal ranking algorithm. Since QDF is part of the normal algoritm, there is no reason to suspect that this has anything at all to do with a "Google Dance".

      QDF (Query Deserves Freshness) is a temporary boost that Google gives fresh new content. It wears off after a short period and the your page sinks to it's currently earn ranking position. You just need to get busy advertising and promoting, and improving your content to earn those higher rankings.
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    I suggest you start building daily unique backlinks with unique content.
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    In early days, when AdWords wasn't that popular Google's motto was something like this: "whatever is good for customer is good for business". They long forgot about this now. In my observation the Google's main product, the organic search is degradating. They hurt a lot of websites and they make more enemies than friends. And I wouldn't pay too much attention what Google says about ranking. They are not interested in revealing their algorithms, so they say something that will keep Internet community speculating. At the same time they skewing their search results according to their financial objectives. Unfortunately Google is showing the early symptoms of digital dementia. Hopefully somebody new will step up.
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    just because of google dancing. you have to gain backlink & do work usually it will be recover & stable. go for high pr backlink.
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    thanks for your suggestions, i'll apply all these tactics
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