My website got De-Indexed Need Help in Solving !

by inzaji
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Hello, My website :- newsandupdateonline . com

I have removed all the guest post & other junk data. I have done as much changes as possible.

Can anyone suggest me what else can i do? And will now it be reconsider???
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    Here's the protocol for de-indexed sites

    1) Remove all junk from your site (junk posts, excess affiliate links, shady SEO practices like keyword stuffing etc)

    2) Rearrange/Rewrite the content to make them useful to Google's visitors

    3) File for a reconsideration request

    That's about all you can do. If this doesn't work, move on.
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    First of all are you sure it was de-indexed? Did you check using

    If you have removed all of the things that google has objected too, then write a detailed letter explaining every single little thing you did to bring your site into compliance with their policies and THEN file for your reconsideration.
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    Another option is to rewrite the good content, buy a new domain and build from the ground up. Even if you file for a reconsideration, how many sites do you know that have been successful reinstated after a reconsideration request? If I were you, I would get a new domain, different host, private registration and rewrite the content. Because even if your site is re-indexed, you'll always been on Google's radar so any SEO you do can be considered black hat in their eyes.
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