Google Algo Changes April 24

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For those of you who have not read it yet:
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Another step to reward high-quality sites

-They say 3% but many have already noticed significant shifts.

What are your thoughts?


Personally this is my opinion. SEO still exist but the approach should be different. I have always emphasize that onsite SEO is the foundation to any offsite SEO.

I don't believe google is going to devalue complete all offsite links however you need to make sure your onsite is solid.

Some key points to ensure good onsite:
-Readable and informative content (there has been some rumors where google occasionally does manual reviews)
-Enough content above fold
-Site age seem to come a greater value now
-also I find a good clean and proper theme is important. We have a EMD domain with a unique, clean team and about 7-9 good articles still ranking around 3-4 for a key term that gets 14000 searches/month
-Still clean keyword optimization on site; by clean I mean no keyword stuffing but ensuring you use title tags, meta description properly (these seem most important) also carefully integrate the keyword into the content naturally (by this I mean it fits instead of forcing it)

For offsite this is what I believe should work:
-Start to Avoid now more and more forum links and blog comments
-Actually promote your site. promoting your site on social media whether do follow or no follow to have the link building done naturally. This is probably the best form of link building. This is what we have been doing for the past year and it has been giving VERY good results.
-Still do a good link diversity. (so yes a good mixture of manual directory links, manual social bookmarks, article directories...imho wiki links might start to become too widely used. Make sure to focus on the quality and legality of the link. So actually sharing your site instead of spamming your site.)

The key essence is first ensuring you got good onsite and content (work on reducing bounce rate; a good tactic is a video w/ ads above works on case studies) then using offsite will give you a good additional kick.

This will probably hurt a lot of marketers but for many I doubt they will feel the pinch much at all. Make sure you have good content on your site and focus on doing link building by ACTUAL Promotion.
(Link building by Sharing not Spamming?)
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    This has already been discussed on this forum and many others....

    This has to be their worst update yet with the results showing in the serps as they are at the moment and as of yet I don't think you can say for sure what is working and what is not....

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      And still, I see affiliates building these sites...

      Another thumb up to google for cleaning this place up
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        Originally Posted by John F Kennedy View Post

        And still, I see affiliates building these sites...

        Another thumb up to google for cleaning this place up
        And what exactly are "these sites...."??

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          This is massive and not just affecting spam sites..

          Check this warrior thread out....

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            Originally Posted by majestic12 View Post

            This is massive and not just affecting spam sites..

            Check this warrior thread out....
            As someone pointed out it's likely a small hinge they need to hammer out which isn't uncommon with google as many think.

            I remember another warrior mentioned a while back one of his site suddenly dropped from the first page. After some conversations on google webmaster forum, some google reps explained to him it was their problem and his site was back up.

            SEems to be quite a bit of effy rankings with this new updated:
            "1. "Make Money Online"

            Search Google for "make money online" and check out this site that's currently ranking on page one:


            It's blank. 110,000 exact-match global searches a month for that phrase, and Google's showing a blank blog on page one. Wow."
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    I didn't know that but today my traffic from Google is the double than what is usually and we are in the middle of the day, thanks Google
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    Oh COME ON BRO! There are like 15 threads about this already!

    My opinion - don't panic, give it a few days. The SERP changes are still rolling out, it's NOT instant. If you disagree - go take a comp sci class.
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    how long do these roll outs usually do you know when its completed etc...
    They Say You Can't...Show Them How
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      Just checkout the #1 site for the key word: Make Money Online (25th April)
      One blank site at the top with no content or pages.
      Hahahahahahah! Absolute quality site.
      Has Google become insane?
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