Looks like Google got things wrong with this update

by ukcarl
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Wow a lot of weird things happening in Google check out position #2 in google.co.uk for make money online makemoneyonline.co.uk.

Either things didn't settle yet or G needs to backtrack on the most recent algo update, its affecting some of my sites, but very similar to what happened back on the 16th and everything bounced back.

Anyone else noticing any weird results?
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    When searching for the keyword "make money online" I see an emply blogspot blog, makemoneyforbeginners.blogspot.com on first position. Lol
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      No 2 is a wordpress blog with no posts
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    "Looks like Google got things wrong with this update"

    In many ways I agree with you but they will say they got it right.

    They no longer care about the affect they have on the little guy...

    You will see more and more that they favor the large brands because "only the large brands are able to give us the information we are looking for".

    What a pile of horse****!

    Come on Bing, Do your Thing.

    I never thought I'd be hoping Microsoft would start to do better.
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    Definitely a refresh on the cards. Some brands not ranking for their products. I dont expect to recover whatever I have lost but hope to get back something atleast.
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    The rankings are insane. There's poor quality sites with only one page of content ranking on page 1 for well searched keywords when there are plenty of other sites which deserve to be on page 1 instead.

    How long is the update expected to take to be rolled out? It's like a disaster zone at the moment.

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    No, the update is still rolling out. No one knows how long, just take the weekend off and check the SERPs on Monday.
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      I got the same thing for one of my search to day: "linux and open source blog" returns a closed wordpress.com blog on position 1
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    The update isn't finished..
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