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Yet another update, and this is what I have noticed.

I monitor a lot of keywords, and the one thing I have noticed is that a LOT of sites have been tanked, even decent sites...What has taken over these sites?

Other spam links, I am noticing a lot of profile links as #1. I have noticed this a lot, profile urls on forums ranking number 1!

Authority sites...Google seem to be giving a LOT of weight to authority sites that have with no backlinks but they are ranking VERY high over sites with backlinks and better onpage SEO.

I think the days of keyword tools are over, Google have changed completely, if it looks like an easy word to rank for chances are it's not if you don't have an authority domain.

In one way I can see why they have done this, from a selfish viewpoint the days of ranking for keywords easily are over from what I have observed.

Internet marketing from the 'quick easy money' viewpoint is over.

Just my opinion...What are you observations?
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    Just an example

    Their is a keyword that a site was ranking for, very easy to rank for, half decent site, gives what the user is looking for, but has now gone as is replaced by authority sites with not what the user is looking for most the time, no backlinks either, and replaces by yahoo answers and article sites.

    Google seem to be giving HUGE weight to aged domains, even if this means profile links, I have seen so many sites drop like flies and be replaced by rubbish.

    Authority is key people, and easy MFA money is now dead

    Google is all over the place.
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    I'm seeing lots of eCommerce sites, plus a fair amount of insubstantial stuff - for instance, a single page site which, in addition to the Adsense in the sidebars, was full of thumbnail images for products in a particular niche, all of which had a 'more info' button beside it which led straight to the item on Amazon. 'Authority' is not the first word that springs to my mind on seeing that site - there are very much better sites in the niche that are suffocating in the SERPs beneath it.
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    Im hearing that a for the term "make money online" a blogspot ranks #1 and has no content on

    Something can't be right...right?

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    So are the days of micro niche sites over?
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      Originally Posted by snakeyes37 View Post

      So are the days of micro niche sites over?
      Some will say yes, some will say no.

      From what I have seen, it's not just micro niche sites that have been tanked, but I monitor easy to rank keywords (or were easy to rank), and authority sites with no backlinks to a sub page are now ranking, including Yahoo answers and other sites like it, over EMD's and sites trying to rank for specific keyword.
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    My site got tanked too I just hope this big mess is temporary because the update just arrived, and things will get better in a few days...
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    Don't count on anything getting better. What I've learnt from day one of marketing online is to never trust G! Your own products will always do better than affiliate type stuff.

    Its funny though, they all wants us but then delete us when we make one or two mistakes!! i.e getting deleted from adwords, losing your adsense account, deleting our gmail accounts and the list goes on!

    We all need to support a new search engine, we have to make another search engine famous or were all going to get stuck in a f'ed up corporate system where only the big dogs win!
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    Google is pushing Adwords.

    I got a call from Google Adwords. The girl wanted to help me with my Adwords account setup. I had setup an Adwords account for a site that is not live yet. So for the third time I told them that I wasn't quite ready. Actually, I was waiting for all the panda updates and this last one before I hit the "Live" button.

    I didn't loose my cool though. I wanted too. I had a site tank too.

    I just think it's funny that I get a call from Google Adwords offering 150.00 credit to start my account going. She was surprized when I said I wasn't live yet. Course I have other sites, maybe that's what they were looking at.

    I think we should have a black out day for Google. We all can just get together and refuse traffic from Google. Much like what happened to the SOPA act.

    Whenever ppl come to your site via google, have a page that says:

    Oh Man! Shoulda Used Bing!

    Then give the Bing hyperlinked search query to your site. And anchor link it.

    p.s. rant over - just wanted to let everybody know I'm somewhat pissed too.
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