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Forgive me if this has already been covered, but I've been looking at different ways to get some low quality backlinks indexed and making them useful.

I know, I know, I shouldn't be wasting time with low quality backlinks in the first place, but I'm going after local, low competition key phrases, and I'm still working on getting some high quality backlinks - these are just for link diversity.

Anyway... here's my experiment

I'm using some bookmarking service and article submission plugin, plus web 2.0 syndication to get some backlinks created. I've made RSS feeds of the backlink URL's and have submitted those to various RSS directories, and have pinged the RSS feed.

Now, I've installed a few Wordpress plugins...

1) Random Links - WordPress › Random Links « WordPress Plugins

This lets you create a URL from your own domain ( and add in a list of URL's. The plugin is intended for affiliate links, but I've pasted in my list of backlink URL's. You have to strip away the http:// part of the URL, but a simple find and replace in Notepad takes care of that in seconds.

So, you've now got a link that randomly rotates between your backlink URL's

2) SEO Smart Links - WordPress › SEO Smart Links « WordPress Plugins

Great plugin for automatically creating internal links between posts / tags / categories etc. One great feature is that you can setup a particular keyword and assign a URL to it.

So, I added in my main keywords, and assigned my newly created URL from step 1. Now, whenever that keyword appears in my blog, it will hyperlink to my new URL, which will in turn redirect to a random backlink URL.

I've made sure the links can be followed, so we'll wait and see if the URL's get picked up more. The Random Links plugin also has a tracker so you can see how many times it is clicked, so I will be monitoring that over the next week or so.

3) Rotating Links Widget - WordPress › Rotating Links Widget « WordPress Plugins

In addition, I've also installed this plugin. It allows you to have rotating links of your blogroll in your sidebar.

I found an OPML generator and entered in all my backlink URL's with a title. Again, you could use Notepad to set this up very quickly.

Once the OPML file is generated and downloaded, I imported this into my blogroll. I imported around 100 URL's. You set the widget up in your sidebar and I set it to rotate 5 URL's. Each page refresh shows a different set all with my keyphrase as the anchor.

I've only just done this today, so can't know yet whether this will make a difference, but I think it should. I'll report back when I know more.

Does anyone know if this would cause any problems?? Anyone care to comment?
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