Is Profile Link Building Dead?

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Well when we speak about Profile Link Building we just cannot ignore Angela Backlinks Packet. I was the subscriber of all these popular backlinks packet and I must say I reached the top of Google Ranking for some quality keywords using this technique.

Recently My website which was in No 1 position in India and No 7 worldwide dropped to ranking 70. It is Dancing from 50 to 70. I was ranking for more than 10 top keywords.

Angela Backlinks advertise the keyword angela and says she is ranking the top of Google for the keyword. Out of curiosity, I searched her name and found her website dropped to position 7.

Do we safely say Google began discounting Profile links as well? Well that was one opportunity that was left open by Google to receive a link from a High PR domain.
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    In my opinion, they have been for awhile. A PR N/A profile backlink buried in a mixture of thousands of other profiles isn't really going to get it done. (Unless, I guess, if you have very little competition.)

    I've always looked at forums as a way to build relationships and drive VERY targeted traffic.
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    well I competed and got top placements using this packets. Now to see my rankings gone... I am thinking on these lines.
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    Guys no need to worry this update is creating dilema amony webmasters ... just wait few weeks and start new site every thing will work just keep in mind never blast money site with ****ty PR 0 - N/A links ( Xrumer & Scrapebox ) ... At the moment google is going under another update which will happen in few days after that we can judge better what works and whats not
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    Google is going for another update? well let us wait to see the results.

    Top pages are replaced with pages with little content..Google is treating viewers with contempt.
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    It's not dead, but may come back to harm you if overuse - spam sites listed in "backlink packets"

    Why don't you fill out legitimate profiles. For example, you can setup a user and company for your website at crunchbase, technorati, etc. There's that lets you link up all your profiles. Many more around that can help you build your brand. Top tier social bookmarks sites like mister-wong, diigo, jumptags are great too.
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