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Just found out something about squidoo and interlinking
lenses. If one of your lenses falls out of rank, that is
is turned red by being a work in progress, you lose
your internal linking if you used the discovery tools
(and other things) to show your related lenses. Those
links are gone. You can get them back by getting your
lens back to green.

Simple task to turn them green if they have 90% of
the lens task list done. Just tweet them, post a link
in a forum, facebook, etc. to get a visit or two.
Update the lens as well. Once the lens turns green,
your links are back, and squidoo starts promoting
it again.

With hundreds of lenses, I get a few that turn red just
because they only include the top 400,000. Drop below that,
and you turn red. Again, very simple to get them back to green.

Easier done if you only have a handful of lenses.

Thought I would point that out to anyone that has some
red lenses and relies of traffic from them. A red lens does
not mean it's deindexed by google. I just checked, and
a red lens of mine is still indexed by google. All it means is
that it's "devalued" by squidoo, but still exists. If your
lens is locked, that's a different story. It's been zapped.

Internal links and traffic from squidoo can be quite lucrative.

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