Backlinks from your own buffer sites okay or not??

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My only money-making site was hit hard by Google in the last couple of days, and I'm trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do.

I've always done very little backlinking. Some social bookmarking, plus my own blogger site that I created to point back to the money site, plus some hubpages that serve the same purpose. And Ezine Articles. Just a little BMR links, and that was at least a few months before they closed.

I don't have Google Analytics or Webmaster tools, so don't know if I was actually hit by a penalty, but something unpleasant has definitely happened.

Should I go to my blogger site and remove links, plus remove the links on hubpages? And delete bookmarks?

And what about our signatures on this forum?

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    I would think that maybe the forum link isn't helping you any (because it's unrelated, if your site was about internet marketing in some way, that'd be a different story.)

    But it's really hard to pinpoint the reasons... I've had a couple of sites hit hard by this update and for the most part I don't really know why they were hit (and yet others not hit.)

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    Definitely don't start removing links. Let everything settle down over the next few weeks or so and then re-analyze your sites.

    Google is pretty much all over the place right now.
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    It is still to early to be doing any drastic changes like deleting links, if anything build high quality links until the dust settles and we know what really happened. Google is still spitting out very poor search results. Just wait til everything settles before doing's tough when we are losing money... hang in there.
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