How To Increase Pagerank Of Site ?

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Hi All, Can Anyone Help Me How To Increase Google Page rank Of Any Websites ?
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    Backlink is the only way to increase page rank of any website, try to get links from high pr authority websites.
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      Don't only get backlinks from high ranking websites. Get backlinks from any and every reputable website out there; related or not. Part of the Google Algorithm when determining your website's page rank is how many websites link into it. Start with related websites first and then eventually branch out to other websites. It won't hurt you even if they're unrelated websites.
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    Just get the links from high page rank sites.If you are getting from high page rank sites naturally then automatic your site ranking will improve fast and you will find huge improvement in your ranking.
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    Need more backlinks...oh, wait....oh, ummmm... like you're doing right now...funny!!
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    More high quality do-follow backlinks, don't try to use blackhat!
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    Increasing page ranking of your site is not an easy matter in the present competitive world. It is a step by step process and requires more knowledge on search engine optimization. But it is possible if you have good experience and knowledge on search engine optimization. Quality back links and content are plays an important role in your site page ranking process. So, create more quality back links from high page rank sites and update your site with fresh content.
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    The fastest way to increase the PR of your site is to join a private network of high PR sites. Got one site from PR 0 to PR 3 in less than 2 months.

    You better hurry, it seems like the next PR update should be for May
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    You should be worry about content, not page rank. Page rank will automatically increase if you have good content and new visitors.
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    Only backlinks, try to get backlinks from high PR authority websites pages, more quality links more chances of getting good PR.
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    by using backlinks you can up your site page rank, try to get backlinks from high pr relevant sites of your niche.
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    Try to get dofollow backlinks from High PR websites.Backlinking is the best way to improve PR of any website.

    Submit your Guest post on Ehowportal.

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    To get good page rank yuo should have to do following:
    Inbound links (quality) has a better quality of inbound links to your website is to measure your website's Google page rank. To increase your site's page rank, it is necessary to take a good back link strategy.
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    You have to do organic SEO using the good high Pr sites and get good backlinks is the best way to get high PR of your site.
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    Get good backlinks..
    Then slowly you will get PR.
    Its a long proces of google.
    Rajinder Ricky
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    PageRank only refers to pages and not sites.

    My first question is WHY you feel you want to increase your PageRank?

    If you don't know the answer to that, then don't obsess over it.
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    Increase the website back links because this is only simple and best way to increase the page rank of your website. When you will create more back link on your website, you will get high page rank on your website.
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    For increasing the page rank you should increase quality of backlinks for your website. For that you should perform some activities of the link building. The activities are: forum posting,social bookmarking,blog commenting and posting,article submission etc. They all are very effective.

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    Page Rank is a factor determined by Google for every page on world wide web. Google considers many factors like quality content, backlinks, traffic, proper inter linking structure. To improve your page rank try to improve the above factors.
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    yes make quality backlinks and add posts to forums
    blog commenting help a lot in increasing pagerank
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    you can try to update your unique and quality content on regular basis, and make some good do-follow quality backlinks. It will helps to improve your site page rank on google as well as keyword ranking on different search engine results
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  • the only way yu can get high site PR is through quality High PR backlinks & offering quality content on your site..
    One strategy is to look at back links of your high PR sites in your niche & formulate strategy based on that.
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    Get the Top Rankings that you deserve,100%Guaranteed!
    PR Contextual Links | Link building Services | Guest Blog Posting
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    do seo activities , promote website through paid program like ppc and advertising your site in front of active and interested user
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    • Get quality backlinks from related websites with high page rank. Include your website address in newsletters, forum signatures, email signatures, social media profiles, brochures, and business cards. Ask other webmasters to link back to your site. Write guests posts and include your link. Make your website search engine friendly and provide quality information to your audience.
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    update your site with unique and quality content and try to get some quality backlinks from other high pr sites, it helps to improve your site pr
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    They all suggest to get quality backlinks. Just make sure not the spam quality backlinks. With the new update, I think it can ruin your site rankings..
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    There are so many methods to the Google PR. Some of them are...
    1. Unique Content
    2. Proper on page optimization
    3. Quality back links :- Forum posting, directory submission, article submission, blog commenting, social bookmarking, theme based one way links.
    4. User friendly Navigation
    5. Create many pages of your site.
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    The Only best way is as mentioned as above from previous members is to build backlinks. The higher the PR from that page backlink the higher chance Your PR will increase.

    One Huge Important Factor:
    There is a Pagerank Truncated Penalty you might want to avoid. To avoid this make sure you try to build backlinks to your Tier one Backlinks.

    Google is well aware of a bunch of people trying to build massive High PR backlinks by just running Tier 1 Links to their DomainX . com That use to work years ago but not nowadays.

    Hope this helps!

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    write quality content and add lots of backlinks
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    Try to get as many do follow back links possible from the relevant, quality websites (with original, unique content and with High PR).
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    Make sure you get enough backlinks. Try combining Do follow and No follow links because only Do follow links might leave Google suspicious about the manipulation. I guess you are aware of the ways of creating backlinks.(Avoid using tools like xrumer for creating backlinks). Submit your url and sitemap to google webmaster tools and wait until the earliest PR update.
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    For increasing the page rank of a website you try to promote it on social media and bookmarking sites and also use the classifieds,press release sites for getting the exposure for a website.
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      Increase the high quality back links and have a fresh and innovative quality back link.
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    With good quality back links you can easily achieve a good PR for your website
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    Have you ever applied backlink edu and gov to promote your site?
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    If you want to increase the page rank of your website then you you have to use unique and quality content in your website because content is a important aspect in gaining high page ranking with this you also have to make high PR backlinks of your website
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    This is good to know.. I have one blog on a high authority site with a PR4 and the domain is 10 years old...

    I'm going to start linking to my website when I post...

    After the Google updates, my personal blog dropped from pr4 to pr1
    "May the optimism of your tomorrow fuel your drive for today"
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    Get backlinks from high PR pages. Actual high PR pages, not root domains.
    Need REAL targeted Traffic? PM me
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  • You don't want to worry about Page rank. If you are planning to sell your website you have to worry about that. Anyway you can build high quality links and make your contents uniquely. High quality sites blog commenting are best way.
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    if you want to increase your site page rank than only good high page rank do follow backlink can increase your site page rank but that link should be themantic but update your site time to time.....
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    By doing Search Engine Optimization.
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    Include useful high quality content on your site and get high quality backilink for your websites.
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    You can get Do-follow backlinks from website in your niche, this will increase your PR a lot
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  • Profile picture of the author Elfen Lied
    I think Your site do SEO Work.Like Onpage SEO and Off Page SEO

    Off Page SEO:
    1. Directory Submission
    2. Social Book Marking
    3. Article Submission
    4. Press Release
    5. Classified Submission
    6. Forum Posting
    7. Blog Commenting
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    Up to £50 Cash Back ON Hotel Booking!
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    To increase PR of website make backlinks from High-PR,Do-follow and relevant websites.High-PR,Do-follow websites passes link juice that will increase PR of your website.
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    Link Buildind is must for increasing your web page rank but that link should be Quality and Themantic.
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    Link Building will help to increase your website page rank. But you need to provide White Hat SEO promotions on regular basis. Google checked the website back links for yearly twice based on your quality links you get rank so regular promotions will help to get increase your Google Page Rank.
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    Write good quality content and then share it socially. Other webmaster would link back to your site if they love your content.

    Hopefully by the next update you'll have a great PR...
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