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What type of adverts do you prefer on your adsense site?

The more natural looking text only adverts or do you prefer the having a combination of textonly / image adverts.

I have a feeling that the text only adverts convert better. But the image adverts are huge and take up the place of 4 normal link ads (say in the block size) so I guess the image ads pay a higher rebate per click.
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    In my case text ads are more effective rather than images.

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      You have to test your site. Adding text and images to
      an ad block increases the number of ads available to
      be displayed on your site. Block images, and you are
      blocking what may be higher paying ads. That's why
      google tells you to have both, and, to use all 3
      ad blocks.

      My experience is that people do not test long enough.
      Switch to image/text for a whole month and see what
      happens. You cannot test less than 2 weeks. It takes
      a while for google to re-evaluate your site, and to
      allow for bidders to put image ads on your site. Both
      of those things do not happen over night. People make
      big mistakes by changing for a couple of hours, then
      changing again. Impatience leads to failure of the test.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    My advice is don't use the image/text Adsense block, instead create 2 seperate Ad blocks (text + image) then do a 50/50 split test on two separate Ads.

    The reason I do this is because the data is 100% related to each individual Adsense block. So, I can track which performs better on my site/pages text-Ads or image-Ads.

    Do like Paul said test it for a couple of weeks, a full month wouldn't hurt, the more data the better.
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    Always split test ad types and placements. Create different ads for each type, it's easy. Don't start changing things up too fast either - wait until you've accumulated plenty of impressions/clicks.

    edit: basically re-read Paul's reply like 5 more times and get to work.
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    place text ads within the content. Don't use image/rich media inside your content.
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    It actually depends on your own web style because there is not a single AdSense recipe for all types of websites. Certain blogs for instance can be found doing incredibly well with the image ads, especially the ones that are running on the side columns and catching attention of most visitors. Other sites can be found generating a lot of cash through clicks made on the text links that are put among the articles and text paragraphs.

    Testing each option for some time can be a very great strategy and in the meanwhile do not forget to note down the events, click-through rates and your earnings while testing each cycle and after a couple of months you will be able to come up with the ultimate pattern for your web ad-publishing system. By the way, you can get help from other sites in your niche that have been monetized through AdSense and examining their ad placements.
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    I like to select both text and image ads for all adsense blocks. since adwords is auction, the general rule is that the more ads you have competing for the same adslot, the better CPC and RMP you will get.

    Secondly when several text ads are competing for the same ad slot, google ranks the ads according to their ad rank. This means that for a text ad to appear in the ad slot, the advertiser can bid low and still appear in 2nd, 3rd or 4th spot in the ad slot. However, when an image or rich media ad enters into an auction, competing against several text ads, the image ad must bid high to beat or displace all the text ads since only one image ad can be shown in any adsense ad slot. Therefore, image ads usually pay much better cpc than text ads. Overall i havent seen a huge difference between the RPM of image only and text only ads.

    Finally, there is a thing called ad blindness. If you have image ads, rich media and text ads appearing randomly in the same ad slot, it reduces ad blindness caused by having only image or text ads appearing in the same ad slot. Also remember that opting out of images will reduce ad impressions from interest based ads since most of them are image or rich media.
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    In my experience text only ads convert better. I run text/ image ads and the earnings were half than text only ads.
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    Having a skyscraper image ad can be very helpful to increase the earning. Mostly banner ads are high paying ads. Text ads within the content can have good conversion as well.
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    Text ads are good for better earnings. Image ads are better to get clicks according to me!

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