What to do to restore lost rankings ?

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It had been already three days of recent penguin update and my majority of sites show no signs of returning back to original rankings, so my question is what should be done or could be done to possibly restore back the lost rankings?
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    At the moment I think it is hard for anyone to say how to do this with any accuracy, unless they have a very large data set of sites that were and weren't affected by this change.

    If your lost rankings were to do with over optimization or unnatural links, perhaps building some more links (both nofollow and dofollow), using very varied anchor text (e.g. "click here", "look at this website", "check this out" and just the URL) may help. However I don't know for sure as I don't have a large enough set of websites to analyse.

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    the question that can't be answered is - will this algo forever calculate in the bad links. and how many good links will it take to negate one bad link ?? it is looking more and more like starting over with a new domain name is a solution but one will lose all their bing/yahoo search traffic and domain age/etc/etc. my competiton is 10-15 years old and my site was one year old - how does one compete with this with a natural looking BL portfolio?
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      If you have access to your bad backlinks, go and delete them, or at least as many as possible. Also check your page for excessive internal linking. I disabled my internal linking plugin.

      Remember this is an algorithm change, not a penalty. So, whatever you fix should eventually help restore your rankings when you or the pages that link to you are recrawled.
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    You can never tell what google considers bad links (other than the obvious spammy stuff), and even if you do, its not always possible to delete them.
    Build more high quality relevant links.
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    Suzanne, gives great advice, and I would add that it is still too soon to be doing anything rash. Just keep building quality links and content and it should sort out soon.
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    If its the "bad links" doing all the damage, isn't it easier to doom any (competitor's) website easily by just sending a blast of xrumer etc.!!!

    Any thoughts?
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    Did you diversify your link building strategy? or did you just do 3-4 types of backlinks to your site?

    Another main reason is backlinking using the same anchor text over & over & over again.
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    Take a few days off and plan a strategy to adapt with the changes. Becoming less reliant on organic traffic is key. And most important, stay positive!
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      I do not think it is just an algorithm change. Some of my sites have dropped in the last few days. Google is not just devaluing links from Unique article wizard, they are actively penalizing you for having them.

      I have lost half my traffic to one of my sites.

      I am so fed up with Google. What a waste of my time and money.

      You can continue to spend time and money and just get screwed again when they change the rules.
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    1) Add 1 million pages to your website so that you have great authority.
    2) Improve quality of pages by having at least 300 words of articles/content per page
    3) Remove webmasters tools, analytics from website and use alternatives like quantcast, clicky and woopra etc.
    1) Avoid spammy backlinks
    2) Do not have keywords stuffed in URL, title and content
    3) Avoid to many internal backlinks
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