Diversify your Traffic Supply with these 4 Free Traffic Techniques

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Been reading over the past week about sites seeing their Traffic getting crushed since the new Google Update...and it got me thinking....how wise is it to overly-depend on search engine traffic:confused:

I do some general SEO stuff but I'm no expert at it and don't see it as being too important to by business. Like everything else I feel Diversification is important here i.e. to have a steady flow of traffic coming from several area's so your business won't suffer too much if there is a sudden interruption in one of your supplies...

It's also worth mentioning to not spread yourself too thin and try and utilize every traffic technique under the sun. You know what they say if you take on too much, you'll become "a Jack of all Trades but a Master of None.."

Personally I like to investigate the usefulness of nearly every Traffic technique that I hear about but there are a few that I use daily to keep my sites well supplied They are:

Forum Posting : Some of the best quality traffic I get is from posting in forums which are relevant to my niche. E.g. you wrote an ebook about Dog Training then you should hang out and get involved in 4 or 5 forums related to this area. Simple have a link in your sig back to your site and you're in business!

You know the traffic coming from this source is already interested in your topic and will make building a list a lot easier. Give them a free gift on sign-up to your site and hit them with your $7 upsell for the full "Dog Training" ebook - bells n all!

Remember 100 highly targeted visits per day can be worth more to you than 1,000 random hits from people not interested in your niche.

Blog Commenting : Again this is a little labor intensive (but could easily be outsourced) The beauty of this, like Forum Posting, is that you are hanging out where your Target Audience hangs out i.e. Blogs related to Dog Training

Visit some of these high traffic blogs in your niche and leave valuable, content-filled comments replying to the posts. Anyone who visits these pages and see's your well written response may be interested enough to click through and visit YOUR site!

This is also a great way to make yourself known to the experts in your niche and may open up some valuable contacts that you can JV with in the future.

Document Sharing : I like these Document Sharing sites too because it allows you to re-purpose your work. If you have a blog (which I'm sure a lot of you do) then all you have to do is export your posts as mini-pdf articles and upload them the Document Directories.

In each pdf you can link back to your site and instantly you can share your content on some very high traffic sites. Unlike some Article Directories most of these sites have No Review Process so it's super easy to upload your content to half-a-dozen directories in a few minutes

Viral Ebooks : This is a great way of spreading your message. How about compiling some your blog posts into a mini-ebook and submitting them to Free Ebook sites??

Include your sites links within them and also any affiliate links you like (so there's the possibility of making some cash if your ebook gets passed around the web) If you want to go the extra mile you could always get a nice cover made over at fiverr but this isn't necessary (but does make it look cool!)

So there are 4 simple ways of getting more Free Traffic to your sites, sure they take a little work but they are FREE! And especially with the Document Sharing & Viral Ebooks you only need to do the work once and then use it again for these purposes i.e. more value for your initial effort!

What other Free Traffic sources do you find effective?? Would be interested in hearing of any success you might be having with them..

- Noel.
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    I also rely on Article Marketing a lot, as it drives a ton of targeted users if your articles are good.
    1500 Backlinks For Youtube Videos

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    Excellent post. Document sharing sites are growing in popularity too, I'm trying this new aspect out.
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    Great post Noel.

    A lot of "newbies" tend to over-complicate traffic generation, SEO, etc. Your post shows that it's really not as hard as they think to start generating traffic.

    Forum posting & commenting on niche related blogs are two of my favorite methods for generating quick and VERY targeted traffic. (As long as the forums and blogs have a lot of traffic themselves.)
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    Very useful and good post. Thanks for sharing. Remember 100 highly targeted visits per day can be worth more to you than 1,000 random hits from people not interested in your niche. Perfect quote. I will give document sharing and viral eBook a shot
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    I am also using Forum Marketing, plus other 5 techniques are very successful for me:

    Gues Posting
    eBook Syndication
    Freebie method with cloudflood or pay with a tweet button
    Video Marketing
    Building relationship with others.

    You can read more how I am using all these strategies together on my Website -Traffic Strategies That WORKS!

    Also I can agree that blog commenting is very successful way to generate sote traffic as well. Last week I posted a comment on the blog post The Future of Blogging: I Had to Tell You This By Glen and it is driving me visitors till now. Probably ~50 till now.
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      Originally Posted by cunamis View Post

      You can read more how I am using all these strategies together on my Website -Traffic Strategies That WORKS!
      I read your post and that was awesome dude... THANKS!
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        Originally Posted by cvaughn View Post

        I read your post and that was awesome dude... THANKS!
        Thanks BRO! I am really trying to write quality articles...
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    I already use 2 of these methods... but I think I just may give number 3 and 4 a shot and see what kind of results I get. Thanks!
    I am currently looking to add 3 driven members to my new (FREE) Mastermind group - Are you interested?
    - Join my MasterMind Group -
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      Personally, I have never extensively used SEO or any of those alternative methods listed, although they all may be selectively effective depending upon the niche. An extremely powerful method I've been using for many years is article syndication. Write a few articles per week and submit them to context-relevant publications such as niche ezines, blogs, websites, etc. With the diversity of millions of potential outlets within any given viable niche, this method directly drives highly convertible traffic on the order of several magnitudes greater than what any search engine can deliver.
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    Great replies guys - you've given me some more food for thought

    @ Cunamis - yup, Guest Posting is something I'm interesting in getting into. Currently reading an ebook about the "do's and don'ts" of approaching blogs looking for guest spots.

    If you can write good quality pieces and get in published on high traffic, relevant blogs you could blow up your RSS feed with subs

    Cheers to all, I'm taking note of all your tips!
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      Originally Posted by MediaTechExpert View Post

      In regards to GUEST POSTING, Check this out! --> HARO - Help a Reporter Out ™ Hope this helps!
      Whoaaa..never heard of this. Looks like a great way to get your material (and links) out there. Have you used this and do you have any interesting experiences to report?
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    Excellent post
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    Excellent post thanks for that!
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