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How do you incorporate your link into your comment?

For example some forms ask for your name and website, the turn your name into a hyperlink pointing to the site you this how you do it?


at the end of your comment do you add your sites url like because there is not a way to use <a href tag in the comment is there?
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    My name would be my keyword or I'd do something like
    name : paul @ how to get girls.

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    Well you pretty much summed it up yourself, either find one that allows HTML or just use the name/website slot
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    YOu have to write the name, because if you write keywords in place of name then the admin of the blog will not approve your comment
    Google also knows that you can't add keyword to links in blog commenting, so it will not harm your site !!!
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    So 1 vote for using keywords as your name and 1 vote for using your name for that field...any others wanna share input on that?
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    Heh. There are blogs that will and will not approve your name. When I used to have a dating site, I had my keyword as "how to get girls" as my name. It ended up being in a pr 3 blog. Yes, the owner approved it because all that mattered was that it had a meaningful comment.

    Test it out. It doesn't take too long to do it.

    RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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    For maximum result when blog commenting use your keyword in the "Name" field and your website in the "URL or Website" field.

    Here are additional format for commenting with your keywords.

    - John | Keyword
    - John @ Keyword

    The above are relevant if you can't use your keywords directly.

    First of all, you will have to understand that not all blogs allow URL or allow keyword in the name field, the practice can easily level you a spammer.

    The logic is to check if other contributors are allowed their keyword in place of name before you make such attempt.
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    When you use HTML, make sure it works. I remember spending a few hours and I had a bad link because my HTML wasn't correct. Not one of my better moments.

    Heres a free test forum I used (I don't own this site): Html Code Tester

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