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Hey SEO Warriors,

Let's say you have a 10000 page ecommerce site. And you have a blog that gets a lot of links from your promotion efforts. Does the linkjuice pointed to your blog then flows down into the 10000 pages that need to rank better?
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    Yes maybe like that, because that is similar to link pyramid
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      Yes (if your blog links to your ecommerce section of course).
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      OP, Link juice doesn't flow unless you give it a path. If you're getting tons of links to blog section, you can:

      - ensure you have a good navigation system that points to categories across your site. make use of things like breadcrumbs, top recommended products in your sidebar, etc.
      - wherever possible link to the individual product pages and categories from inside blog posts.
      - consider putting some of your juicy-linkable content on product pages so they attract links too.
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    This is where internal linking is important. juice is only going to flow through the pages that are linked to from the blog post. Focus the blog post on one page of the site and link to it internally from the post. You will still have bleed over due to the navigation, but this gets juice directly to the page you want juice to go to.

    If you were really bad, you could 301 redirect it to the page you want to rank better, but that is evil.
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